Wilt Chamberlain might bench press up come 500 pounds. Shaq might only bench about 450, probably much less now. When Wilt Chamberlain to be 59 years old, he might still bench push 465 pounds, i beg your pardon is much more that Shaq has ever before been able come do. Wilt to be 63 as soon as he died.

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In this article, we talk Wilt Chamberlain’s legendary bench press and how this NBA basketball player is among the strongest guys to ever grace the sport.

Wilt Chamberlain Bench press Video

There is currently no video of wilt Chamberlain bench pushing his max. That stated there are numerous sources out there claiming that Wilt Chamberlain had the ability to bench press 500 pounds with ease.

As he acquired older, he was still able come bench push 465 pounds at 59.

We would’ve love to have seen a video of wilt Chamberlain absolutely crushing bench press. However, the male is virtually like an city legend with plenty of sources declare he deserve to do these incredible tasks – but there no actually gift a many of video footage to assistance it all.

Wilt Chamberlain Bench push 600?

Rumors case that wilt Chamberlain can bench press up come 600 pounds (and has bedded 20,000 women), but given his height, weight and also reach – this seems extremely unlikely.

500 pounds seems much more realistic for Wilt, even it is still an extremely high number to placed up top top the bench press.

Wilt Chamberlain Bench push Max: just how much might he execute realisitically?

Realistically, we still think that it must be Chamberlain might bench press up come 500 pounds in his prime.

However walking as much as 600 pounds like some resources have declared seems a little too far-fetched, also for us.

Wilt Chamberlain Push-Ups

Wilt Chamberlian as soon as performed 200 pushups in a row, fingertip style, in competition with Heavyweight champ Floyd Patterson who had actually maxed out through 158. Wilt Chamberlain could additionally run a 40 garden dash in 4.6 seconds and had a 45+ customs vertical.

Wilt Chamberlain Bench press Summary: What you need to know…

Wilt Chamberlain has a lot of claims made about his incredibly physical feats, and when it involves the bench push – the giant can max the end at 500 pounds.

But that’ snot all Wilt Chamberlain can do. Here’s some rapid facts around the guy himself to really put into perspective the pure beast that he was:

Wilt Chamberlain was 7’1″.He has a an individual record of 6 foot 6 inches in the high jump.Wilt Chamberlain has thrown a 55 feet shooting put.He’s operation 440 in 49 seconds.Wilt Chamberlain has a personal record that a 22 foot long jump.He almost died of pneumonia as a kid – and also still came ago as one of the the strongest athletes the people has ever before seen.During high school Chamberlain was component of the Overbook Panthers and led his institution team with a win-loss record of 56-3.He was offered 200 college sports scholarships after his insane performance in college basketball.

And there’s a ton more out there. Together as play semi-professional basketball as a boy under the surname ‘George Marcus’.

Regardless of what is true and also what isn’t – no one deserve to take far the truth that it must be Chamberlain is an pure legend and should be remembered because that being an pure hero of the sport.

We miss out on you Wilt!

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