In 1889, small did Gustave Eiffel know that his style of a 984-feet open-lattice wrought-iron tower would end up being Paris’ symbol someday -- attracting about 7 million world each year. The Eiffel Tower is a framework seeped in history and society and should be component of her to-do perform in the city.

Visitors can access three Eiffel Tower levels: first floor, second floor and also Summit. While girlfriend can accessibility the summit just through an elevator top top the second floor, you can reach the 2nd floor by either stairs or elevator.

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For a fun experience, rise up the Eiffel Tower stairs instead of acquisition the lift. Us tell you just how to take the stairs and why you must pick this as an alternative to go up to the Eiffel Tower second floor.

Eiffel Tower Stairs

The Eiffel Tower is draft with 4 sets that staircases -- one per column -- the go from the ground to the second floor. There’s a 5th staircase the goes up from the second floor to the summit. However, just the staircase located in the South column is obtainable by the public. 

The South pillar staircase comprises 674 actions that go approximately the second floor. You deserve to buy tickets online, or in ~ the ticket counter at the South tower that is marked by a Blue flag. 

Climbing increase the Eiffel Tower stair is considered to be an suffer in itself. On her journey up, you have actually the distinctive opportunity that observing the inner construction work and design details the this architecture marvel. You also get a beautiful see of the city and also its famous landmarks top top your means up come the second floor. The climb up could be tiring, but with a comfortable tour guide at your side, it will certainly be an enjoyable journey. 

A significant benefit that opting for acquisition the Eiffel Tower stairway is the you have the right to avoid the lengthy lines in ~ the elevator. You deserve to save about two hours of your time if girlfriend opt to skip the lines and also take the stairs come the 2nd floor. 

If you wish to go up to the summit, girlfriend will have to take the elevator from the second floor as the staircase is not accessible by the public.


Eiffel Tower stairs FAQs

Q1. Where have the right to I access the Eiffel Tower stairs?A. Eiffel Tower stairs can be accessed indigenous the south Pillar. You have the right to take these stairs to the second floor.

Q2. How many stairs perform I need to climb to gain to the optimal of the Eiffel Tower?A. In total, the staircase comprises 1665 steps; however, stairway accessibility to the summit is closed to the public. To acquire to the 2nd floor the the Eiffel Tower, friend will have to climb 674 steps. After ~ that, if friend opt come visit the summit, you can hop ~ above the second floor elevator.

Q3. Should I take it stairs or elevator approximately the Eiffel Tower?A. If you opt to take it the elevator, you will certainly reach the second floor faster; however, queues at the lift space long and also you can spend about two hrs in queue. If you take it the Eiffel Tower stairs, you will certainly reach much faster and can spend your time admiring the check out of Paris native the second floor.

Q4. What have the right to I check out while going up the stairs of the Eiffel Tower?A. While walk up, you have the right to see the inside construction and design details the the Eiffel Tower. Once you acquire to the second floor, you can see landmarks like the Seine River, Montmartre, the Louvre, the grand Palace, Notre Dame and Champs Elysees amongst others.

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Q5. What space Eiffel Tower stairway timings?A. From mid-June to beforehand September, you can access the stairs native 09:00 AM-11:00 PM. Rest of the year, 09:30 AM-06:00 PM.