Mario’s very very first 3D adventure has returned — in HD — in the super Mario 3D All-Stars collection! If you’re a new player that missed the end on super Mario 64 as soon as it launched back in 1996 or a returning player ready to floor Pound into a pool of nostalgia, you may be wonder just how long it’ll require to beat supervisor Mario 64. After ~ all, you probably have actually tons of gamings in her backlog — or probably you’re itching to gain to the various other two titles in supervisor Mario 3D All-Stars. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you calculation just just how much time you’ll it is in spending on super Mario 64.

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How lengthy does it require to beat supervisor Mario 64?


It will take you an average of approximately 12.5 hours to finish the key story of at sight Mario 64. That means collecting 70 strength Stars and also beating the game’s final boss, Bowser. However, you have the right to beat it in around 8 hrs if you sirloin it, or even as many as 19 hrs if girlfriend take her time. You could have loftier purposes than just finishing the main campaign; if so, it’ll take significantly longer to finish up the entirety game.

If you desire to 100% complete Super Mario 64, you’re looking in ~ about 18.5 hours of playtime. This way collecting every 120 strength Stars in the game (50 on optimal of the 70 required to just finish the story) and also beating Bowser. You deserve to rush that in about 12.5 hours, and if you want to take her time, in about 29 hours.

Curious just how we come up through those estimates? We in reality didn’t: It was all exactly how Long to Beat‘s doing. Castle polled numerous gamers and also asked them just how long the took because that them to finish Super Mario 64 based upon their separation, personal, instance play styles. Climate they averaged up every the time they gave.

Here’s a table that’s (possibly) much easier to understand, showing estimated completion times for both finishing the story and 100%-ing the game — add to what you’ll should do for both.

GoalHow come CompleteAverage TimeRushed TimeTake your Time
Finish the StoryCollect 70 power Stars to fight the final boss, Bowser.

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12.5 Hours8 Hours19 Hours
100% complete the GameCollect 70 power Stars come fight the final boss, Bowser, and also collect 50 much more Power Stars because that a full of 120.18.5 Hours12.5 Hours29 Hours

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