It"s a holiday classic, and also almost all of us have actually seen a version. But, with the an initial film do in 1901, it"s very unlikely you"ve viewed them all...

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A CHRISTMAS Carol is a standard movie to watch this vacation season.

But who wrote the book, and how plenty of film versions space there? below is what you should know...

A Christmas Carol is a publication written by Charles Dickens, and also made right into 24 movies - including this 2012 adaptation starring Jim CarreyCredit: Alamy

Who composed A Christmas Carol?

A Christmas Carol in Prose, gift a Ghost - Story of Christmas, is a novella by Charles Dickens.

Published in 1843, it speak the story that Ebenezer Scrooge, a miserable old guy who's checked out by a series of ghosts.

They teach him an useful life lessons, and also ultimately make him a better man.

The film has bearamuseum.orgme a cult classic, with words 'Scrooge' bearamuseum.orgming associated with a person who no Christmas.

even the Muppets did a variation of A Christmas Carol, earlier in 1992Credit: Alamy

How many ghosts are there in A Christmas Carol?

There are four ghosts in A Christmas Carol.

Scrooge is visited by the ghost that his former service partner, Jaaramuseum.orgb Marley, appropriate at the start of the film.

While the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and also Future also visit Scrooge during the night - and whisk him far to see how things were, are and also aramuseum.orguld be for himself and also others.

Albert Finney played Scrooge in the 1970 filmCredit: Alamy

How many film execution of A Christmas Carol have there been?

Amazingly, there have actually been 24 film versions the A Christmas Carol.

The very first was released means back in 1901, simply 31 years after Dickens died.

It's a silent film by Robert W Paul, whereby actors stay what appears to be substantial sheets to play the part of the ghost.

The most recent remained in 2012, when memorable versions include The Muppets, exit in 1992, and also the 2009 movie starring Jim Carrey together the voice that Scrooge.

 Scrooge (Marley's Ghost): 1901A Christmas Carol: 1910Scrooge: 1935A Christmas Carol: 1938The Christmas Carol: 1949Scrooge: 1951A Christmas Carol: 1954The Stingiest male In Town: 1956Mr Magoo's Christmas Carol: 1962Carol For another Christmas: 1964A Christmas Carol, animated version: 1969Scrooge: 1970A Christmas Carol, animated: 1971The Passions that Carol: 1975Mickey's Christmas Carol: 1983A Christmas Carol: 1984Scrooged: 1988The Muppet Christmas Carol: 1992Ebenezer: 1998A Christmas Carol: 1999A Christmas Carol: 2000A Christmas Carol: 2004A Christmas Carol: 2009A Christmas Carol: 2012

What space the finest quotes indigenous A Christmas Carol?

Almost everyone has seen a variation of A Christmas Carol, for this reason it's no surprised that few of the price quotes have slipped their way into the modern-day vocabulary.

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Here are few of our favourite quotes...

"Bah, humbug!"

"Old Marley was as dead together a doornail."

"No room of regret can make amends because that one life’s possibility misused."




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