Ten years have actually passed. Take care of is now virtually eleven andliving in wretchedness in a cupboard under the stair in the Dursleyhouse. The is tormented through the Dursleys’ son, Dudley, a spoiled andwhiny boy. Harry is awakened one morning by his aunt, Petunia, informing himto have tendency to the bacon immediately, because it is Dudley’s birthdayand everything must be perfect. Dudley gets upset because he hasonly thirty-seven presents, one fewer 보다 the previous year. Whena neighborhood calls to say she will not have the ability to watch Harry because that theday, Dudley starts to cry, together he is upset that Harry will need to bebrought follow me on Dudley’s birthday trip to the zoo. In ~ the zoo, theDursleys damn Dudley and also his girlfriend Piers, neglecting Harry as usual.In the reptile house, Harry payment close fist to a boa constrictorand is astonished when he is maybe to have actually a conversation with it.Noticing what bother is doing, Piers calls over Mr. Dursley and also Dudley,who pushes Harry next to gain a much better look at the snake. At thismoment, the glass front of the snake’s tank vanishes and also the boaconstrictor slithers the end onto the floor. Dudley and Piers claimthat the snake assaulted them. The Dursleys are in shock. In ~ home,Harry is punished because that the line incident, being sent out to his cupboardwithout any food, though he feels he had actually nothing to do with whathappened.

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Character surname in bother Potter space carefullychosen no to be lifelike but rather to color our understandingof the various characters’ social ranks and personalities. Thistechnique, which the nineteenth-century English author Charles Dickensused prolifically in together novels as good Expectations and also ATale of two Cities, is closer come caricature 보다 to realismand gives each character a larger-than-life, mythical feel. HarryPotter, because that instance, is one ordinary and also unpretentious name, thoughthere space associations of creativity and usefulness in his lastname: a potter makes pottery, which has actually a handy function. Bycontrast, the Dursleys, who brim v self-importance and also snobbery,are named after a city in Gloucestershire once essential in themedieval structure trade: their name suggests an old-fashioned class-consciouslife that may have outlived its grandeur.

The Dursleys’ first names have similar upper-class connotations. Thenames Dudley, Petunia, and Vernon all contrast sharply with themore working-class surname Harry. Dudley Dursley’s name mirrors thesilliness that the character that bears it, not just in that stuttering quality(“Du-Du”), but additionally in the “dud” concealed in it. Dudley, us learn,is certainly a dud, and also his surname highlights the contrast between Harry’svitality and also Dudley’s absurdity. Furthermore, just as the Dursleysseem to be cartoonish execution of provincial English snobs, theyare likewise cartoonish in your villainy. They space not just subtlybad towards Harry (as a real family can be) however outlandishly andunbelievably wicked in making that live in a cupboard under the stairs. Similarly,giving a young thirty-seven date of birth presents is not realistic, butin Rowling’s fairy-tale world, we accept this exaggeration. The caricaturedaspect that the personalities thus help us read the story as a myth.

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Rowling exposes us to quite a little of overt witchcraftin the very first two chapters, such together Professor McGonagall’s transformationinto a cat. However Harry cannot recognize magic as soon as he watch it—evenwhen that is his very own magic, such as as soon as he publication a boa constrictorat the zoo upon his opponents without being mindful that he is doingit. That wonders just how it happens and is mystified by it, yet he neverdreams it is magic. Harry’s gradual understanding the this magic,proceeding from complete ignorance come awareness to complete mastery, iscrucial come the story’s development.

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