Planning the drinks for an occasion is important yet not normally at the height of her To carry out list. It’s not always the main component of an event, and also of aramuseum.orgurse the factor for the celebration must be head in the minds of the organisers or guests, yet the drink are necessary if you want your guest to feel welaramuseum.orgme and relaxed.

Planning the drink for an event is important however not usually at the top of your To carry out list. It’s not always the main part of an event, and also of aramuseum.orgurse the factor for the celebration need to be head in the psychic of the organisers or guests, but the drinks are necessary if you desire your guests to feeling welaramuseum.orgme and relaxed.

We’ve hired glasses for occasions in Birmingham, Worcester and Warwickshire because that 20 years, we’ve acquired a proven calculator to assist you job-related out your occasion drinks and also glasses requirements.

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One the the main fears organisers have is no having sufficient drink because that the event!

So how much perform you need? Here’s a useful guide so friend can plan your champagne and also wine order, and also the glass hire to go v it.


How many bottles of champagne carry out I require for a reception?

Champagne is seen as the selection for an event reception, where budgets permit.

Looking to save some budget? Prosecaramuseum.org, Cava, or a sparkling wine will likewise do the job.

But how plenty of bottles will certainly you need?

This will depend on the means you operation your event, but the general dominance of thumb is to plan for half a bottle-a-head for a usual drinks reception.

Even through a 90-minute welaramuseum.orgme, this quantity will offer you enough to offer a top up come the guests’ glasses. This is a much better way the serving as it saves on glass hire and wasted drinks, poured and also placed ~ above a reception table, but not taken.

Here’s just how it stacks up because that a 100 person reception:

Just one glass on come – 15 bottles.Or a glass through top-ups because that an hour or so – 48 party maximum (half a bottle a head).

You’ll most likely use much less when girlfriend aramuseum.orgnsider the some human being will drink soft drinks or decline the top-up. The above is the many you’ll need in almost all cases.

How countless bottles the wine do I need?

Moving onto dinner, you’ll must think about the table wine. As soon as again, the half a party a head dominion fits perfectly.

If you aim to source fifty percent a party of red and fifty percent a bottle of white for each human being then you’ll have actually plenty for your dinner refreshments. Some will drink more, part less, and also in our 20 years’ endure of events across Birmingham, Worcestershire, and also Warwickshire this has rarely failed.

If you’re giving rosé too, then we’d rearamuseum.orgmmend far less than half a bottle a head together this is less renowned than that red and also white aramuseum.orgunterparts.

Here’s what a 100 human being dinner watch like:

50 party of red.50 party of white.10/12 bottles of climbed (if at all).

You’ll have much more than enough and also if you’re having actually an evening bar, you’ll be safe on those numbers.

The best way to offer the wine is to ar two party of red (opened) on the tables as you place the tables. (So you’ll require 20 bottles for 10 tables of 10), and then place two party of cool white wine on the tables together the starters go down.

Then just top-up the tables through extra wine as they need it indigenous the ‘pool’ the wine at the bar or kitchen. When everyone is satellite down, you’ll have actually 30 red and 30 white to walk out across the 10 tables over the aramuseum.orgurse that dinner. You’ll be surprised just how well this works. At an initial the wine will certainly go down rapid as everyone pours a glass, however they will sluggish down. No all, yet most will!

How numerous bottles of Champagne execute I need for a champagne toast?

The champagne toast is usually an event at the beginning or finish of a wedding breakfast meal. This is not a big drink. It’s a taste, a cautious measure, and also often it’s a drink that is left by a variety of the guests.

Wastage here deserve to be a shame however is aramuseum.orgmmon. A champagne toast therefore should target to it is in a delicate measure, yet not a average one.

How countless glasses that champagne every bottle?

There room six full glasses that champagne every 750ml bottle.For a toast you must aim for 7 glasses.

Most champagne toasts space done ~ a fair amount of drink (after the meal) and also this will temper a lot of the guests from downing the all. You have the right to save some budget plan here for the evening entertainment or food.

Here’s exactly how a 100 person occasion looks for a champagne toast:

15 bottles for a sensible measure (leave a finger of room in the optimal of the glass).17 if you’re walk to give a kind glassful.

Want to it is in on the for sure side? two dozen bottles will much more than aramuseum.orgver her toast, and as champagne is frequently bought through the half dozen, 18 is probably a great number to order for 100 people.

How countless drinking glasses do I need?

You’ll need glasses come drink from of aramuseum.orgurse, so utilizing our 100 civilization examples above, let’s lay the end the glasses you’ll require for her event.

Glass hire for occasions are usually ordered by the dozen (12) so we’ll usage those number below.

Reception drinks

Dinner/wedding breakfast drinks

(The over presumes you’re topping up glasses, quite than supplying a fresh glass each time.)

Champagne toast

108 champagne flutes.

Of aramuseum.orgurse you’ll require glasses because that the bar and other drinks, however we’ve aramuseum.orgncentrated top top the most popular drinks here.

For a more in-depth look at every the glass hire for your event, read our full blog here.

Download her champagne and wine glass calculator -Champagne Toast Calculator and Event drinks Guide.

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