Pennyweight is a standard unit that measurement provided in the precious steels industry. That originated as a unit the the troy weight mechanism in 15th Century England and also remains the typical for valuing precious steels today.

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During 15th Century England, the load of one English penny was exactly 1/20th that a troy ounce and 1/240th the a troy pound of sterling silver. Therefore, there space 20 pennyweights in a trojan ounce and 12 troy ounces in a trojan pound.

Although the exact same grain is provided in both the trojan weight system and also the more common avoirdupois mechanism (used in the unified States), a troy ounce is heavier 보다 an avoirdupois ounce, and also a troy pound is lighter than an avoirdupois pound. There are 20 pennyweights in a troy ounce, contrasted to 31.1 grams in a trojan ounce.

With prices collection per troy ounce by the London fix, calculating a pennyweight price on the spot can be tricky. To help, we’ve listed our pennyweight calculator and conversion graph below. Use these devices to assist determine the value of your valuable metals.

Pennyweight Calculator

Use ours pennyweight calculator to convert the weight of your priceless metals right into pennyweights (dwt).

An progressed version the this pennyweight calculator, which provides payout quotes, is obtainable to our customers who register for an account with us. From the biggest lot to the smallest arsenal of scrap jewelry, administer us v your contact information and also we’ll monitor up v a quote. Contact us this particular day 212-398-1454 to discuss hedging options or stop by and also visit us in the Diamond District. Our headquarters space at 45 West 47th Street (Exchange).

Pennyweight switch Chart

Need to transform pennyweights come grams? Grams to trojan ounces? trojan ounces to pennyweights? Download your print quality (pdf) pennyweight conversion chart from Manhattan gold & Silver.

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PennyweightGramsKilogramsGrains weightTroy ouncesTroy PoundsAvoirdupois ouncesAvoirdupois poundsKarats
1 pennyweight11.5520.0016240.050.0041666670.05490.0034287.77587
1 gram0.6410.00115.430.03220.0026792410.03530.0022045
1 kilogram643.01100011543232.1512.6792235.2742.204625000
1 grain0.040.060.0000610.0020.0001730.02290.0001420.323995
1 trojan oz2031.1040.0311548010.0833331.09710.068571155.517
1 trojan lb240373.240.3732576012113.1660.8228571866.208
1 oz avoid18.23028.350.0284437.520.9120.07595410.062499141.747
1 lb avoid291.68453.590.45367000.3214.5831.215271612267.961
1 karat0.130.20.00023.090.006430.0005350.007050.000441



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