Servings indigenous the grains team are count by 1 oz servings or 1 oz equivalents.

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For example, bread is displayed by slices. Depending upon the type of bread, 1 serving or 1 oz equivalent have the right to be 1 slice or in some larger or denser breads it can be a 1/2 slice.

In general, right here are the servings of grains foodstuffs that count together 1 ounce:


1 part of bread1 cup of prepared to eat cereals1/2 cup cook rice1//2 cup cooked pasta1/2 cup cooked cereal

What Counts together A serving In The grains Group

Here room grains that equal 1 offer or 1 ounce equivalents native the seed group.

1 ounce Serving indigenous The grains Group
1 slice of White/Whole WheatBread1 little slice that French Bread½ Bagel1 mini Bagel1 small Biscuit4 snack size slices Rye Bread½ English Muffin1 little piece Cornbread (2 ½ through 1 ¼)1 cup cook Rice1 cup cookedPasta½ cup cook Bulgur2 Rye crisp Breads5 entirety Wheat Crackers7 square/round Crackers

Common sections From The seed Group

Here space some instances to assist you know the difference between portions that you may be eat versus how plenty of servings the actual is native the grains group. You deserve to see that generally our sections tend to be larger than one offer from the seed group.

Here space some other usual portions and their particular My plate Food overview serving sizes:

Common portion Sizes
My Plate
Serving Size
1 ounce equivalents
My Plate

Total Serving

1 slice of bread1 part of bread1 serving
1 bagel½ bagel2 servings
1 English Muffin½ English muffin2 servings
1 Hamburger bun½ bun2 servings
1 cup cook rice½ cup cook rice2 servings
1 cup cooked pasta½ cup cooked pasta2 servings

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