⭐✞⭐✞⭐It consists of 4 atoms of carbon, 6 atoms that hydrogen, one atom that calcium and four atom of oxygen.⭐✞⭐✞⭐report my answer⭐✞⭐✞⭐



We are given the chemical formula:


There space 3 aspects here:

Fe: stole Cl: ChlorineO: Oxygen

The concern asks because that the variety of oxygen atoms, therefore we have the right to just emphasis on the O in the formula.

The O has actually a subscript that 4, indicating there space 4 oxygen atoms in the compound. However the compound is likewise enclosed in parentheses with a subscript the 3. Therefore, there room 3 the the compounds through 4 oxygen atoms.

We can multiply 3 and 4.

3*4= 12

There are 12 oxygen atoms.

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The chemical formula that the molecule of salt carbonate is Na2CO3. Atom is the smallest particle of a chemical element that have the right to exist. Na2CO3 is do of 3 atoms of oxygen.This since Na2CO3 has subscribe three simply after the oxygen


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