it’s store-bought pre-ground coffee and also while I choose some of their various other blends, this one isn’t doing it for me.

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yet the difficulty is ns don’t like wasting it, i’ve paid because that it so ns going come drink it, yet how many cups space left in the bag? and in fact, how countless cups space usually in a 1 pound bag that coffee?

I decided to work-related it out.

To make a an excellent 8 oz cup the coffee you room going to usage 2 tablespoons the coffee grounds. 2 tablespoons that coffee is about 0.5oz so you will gain 32 cups of coffee from one lb of coffee grounds or coffee beans.

As a general dominance an 8 oz cup that coffee bring away 2 tablespoons that coffee grounds which method from a lb of coffee grounds or coffee beans you have the right to make 32 8-oz cup of coffee. And also in a pound of coffee, you room going to gain 64 tablespoons the coffee grounds.

To find out how numerous cups the coffee room leftover in her half-full bag the coffee you just weigh the in oz and also divide the by 0.5. For example, if you’ve gained 10oz that coffee grounds left you’ll have 20 cup of coffee.

It will certainly be slightly off to account for the load of the bag yet generally, coffee packaging is light load so it will be close to enough. You could take away 1-2 cup if you to be worried around running out early.

For different sizes of coffee I’ve done the calculations below, check out on…

How countless Tablespoons in a pound of Coffee


getting a continuous amount that coffee in a tablespoon is quite difficult because also a distinction of 1 gram can adjust the flavour of her coffee and also send friend from a great cup the coffee to a mediocre cup. Therefore if you’re looking to boost your at-home coffee experience relocating to part scales is a an excellent call.

If you don’t think me, weight out two tablespoons that coffee every time you make a cup and also see just how much it differs, you will do it be surprised.

But, in the meantime, you’re most likely wondering how numerous tablespoons space in her 1 pound bag of coffee right? well to take it it slightly around 1 tablespoon is around 0.25 ounces which means there will be 64 tablespoons of coffee in the totality bag.

but that’s walk to differ slightly v inconsistencies, exactly how much her spoons differ by and also how much extra or less coffee is in the bag ns reckon a selection you’ll autumn into a variety of about 58-70 tablespoons of coffee in a pound.

How lot Ground Coffee from 1lb that Coffee Beans

Is it the exact same amount? go 1lb that coffee make 1lb of coffee beans? well it should, since you’re not losing any kind of coffee at any point, although some coffee does get stuck in the grinder.

But, it’s such a tiny amount i don’t think that worth talk about, we can assume that 1lb of whole coffee bean = 1 lb of floor coffee

How countless 12 oz cup Does a lb of Coffee Make

for a 12 oz cup that coffee, you’re walk to want to usage 3 tablespoons or 0.75 ounces of coffee (21 grams). Again if you have it more powerful or weaker girlfriend can readjust accordingly. Yet that means a lb of coffee grounds will make 21 12 oz cups.

Anyone rather feel prefer they’re ago in mathematics class?

How plenty of 16 oz cups Does a lb of Coffee Make

A nice large coffee, I like your style, despite it’s funny a 16 oz cup of coffee at residence seems large while a venti coffee in ~ Starbucks is normal and also that’s half the size on height again.

Anyway, a 1lb bag the coffee beans will make 16 cup of 16 oz coffee suspect the same measurements of 4 tablespoons, or 1 oz that coffee to do a 16 oz cup that coffee.

How many Cups that coffee in a 12 oz bag

Ah, now we’ve gone the various other way! Well, the easiest means to work this the end is that a 12 bag the coffee is ¾ the size of a 1lb bag, which way you’ll acquire ¾ the quantity of coffee, so that’s 24 cup at 8 oz, around 15 cups at a 12 oz cup of coffee, and 12 cup at a 16 oz cup the coffee.

ns realise there are a many numbers flying around here but stay through me!

How lengthy Does a lb of Coffee Last

In mine house? Not an extremely long!


Well, that counts on exactly how much you drink and also how huge your cup is! but if you’re having 1 conventional cup the coffee a day you’ll get about a month the end of 1 lb of coffee. Climate if you have two cup or cup that room twice as large you’re walk to get 2 weeks out of a solitary bag.

Not negative for the invest right?

Different Coffee Machines

How many Drip Coffee Pots does One lb Of Coffee Make?

Drip coffee pots are still the most famous in America, pour it until it is full diners everywhere and also sitting office break rooms v pots complete of coffee that’s progressively going stale.

yet how numerous coffee pots can you acquire out that a bag of coffee?

stop assume you want a full pot that coffee, well for starters a typical mug full of coffee is 8 fl oz when a coffee pot cup is 5 fl oz, it is why girlfriend never gain as much coffee together it says. But to job-related out how plenty of cups of coffee you get you have to know how much coffee you placed in.

A typical coffee scoop is 2 tablespoons, and also 10 tablespoons are standard for a 12 cup coffee pot.

but take the number of spoons you put in and also divide that by 64. So in ~ 10 tablespoons (5 scoops) for a 12 cup pot, you’ll obtain 6 full pots that coffee the end of a 1 lb bag.

How lot French push Coffee from 1lb of Coffee

Again it counts on the dimension of her french push if you’ve obtained a 1 human being french push that takes about 14g or 2 tablespoons that coffee you deserve to expect to get 32 complete uses of your french press before you run out the coffee.

and also then you just divide up from there, if that a 2 human being french push then you’ll acquire 16 uses, and if it’s a 4 human french press you’ll only obtain 8 uses.

make sense?

How many Cups of Espresso in a lb of Coffee

Espressos room a little much more tricky since you tend to get some waste out of every shot, for this reason while one espresso need to use 6.5-7.5 grams you gain 1-2 grams of waste every shot so you end up v 8-9 grams every shot + 1-2 grams of waste every shot = 9-11 grams offered per shooting which is going come be around 41-50 shots in a bag the coffee.

How large is a pound of coffee

A pound of coffee is your pretty typical size, it’s about as big as a consistent bag the sugar. And around 2-4 weeks worth of coffee if you have a regular amount for 1 person depending upon how lot you drink.

Whether You should Measure by Volume or Weight?

I choose measuring coffee through weight, I an outbreak my scale and get out a teaspoon and sprinkle coffee until I’ve acquired the right amount.

but Scott, the various other writer here, likes to execute it through volume, that gets the end the coffee scoop once it’s time to do a pot.

i beg your pardon is better? well neither is better it simply depends what you need, if you’re in search of a speedy solution then your coffee scoop is constantly going to be the means to go, yet if you’re in search of a slower procedure you deserve to pour over (get it?) then weighing is the method to go.

Weighing the end your coffee just gives it that small bit an ext control therefore you have the right to replicate your good cup the coffee through the specific amount that coffee and also water job in and also day out, and also that’s what gaining an above Average cup the coffee is all about.

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Woah the all got a little bit confusing didn’t it?

Regardless ns hope that aided you understand and also at the an extremely least ns hope you now recognize why it’s worth utilizing a scale once you’re making your coffee! in between getting constant with exactly how much water girlfriend use and how much coffee you usage there’s a lot of wiggle room and also a an excellent reason why her coffee doesn’t always taste the very same in the morning, the not just you!

but again if you need help with just how much coffee girlfriend can gain out of a bag, morning morning or the next time you’re sitting down to have actually a cup get out your kitchen scales and weigh just how much girlfriend use. If you’re utilizing a drip coffee machine or some other machine that can’t go on the scales then you can take a before and after measure up of the bag of coffee and also work the end the difference that way.

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