If girlfriend do any type of reading around Scotch, or whiskey in general, you’ll often read civilization talk about having a theatre of Scotch. Intuition we know it’s some measurement, that we pour a bit of the golden (or amber or whatever, escape what friend prefer!) elixir, call it a dram, and go around our merry method enjoying it.

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But, what specifically is a dram?

Historically, a dram was a coin, a unit the mass, and a unit that volume.

For volume, it’s an eighth (1⁄8) of a liquid ounce.

If you’re making use of a rate pourer, choose they have in bars, friend get around an ounce and also a half in three seconds. For a dram, that’s a to water of a quarter of a second. If you think of that in those terms, it’s really no that much. (please don’t use a speed pourer on your scotch!)

For all handy purposes, a dram just way “a wee bit” as soon as you talk about Scotch. No one is stop a measuring spoon when they measure the end their drams!

Need a vessel to hold that dram? here are our selections for the ideal glass because that Scotch.

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Cory top top February 9, 2011 in ~ 10:46 to be said:

But in practice, nobody drink that tiny of a glass. A regular pour in the UK is 1.25 imperial fluid ounces, for this reason by definition, 10 drams. As soon as you’re in ~ home, girlfriend pour whatever you’re comfortable with. Ns think mine are frequently 1.5 to 2.0 imperial fluid ounces.

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admin top top February 17, 2011 in ~ 2:27 to be said:

I agree, no one ever puts just a plays in their glass.