To convert a beer measurement come a fluid ounce measurement, main point the beer volume by the switch ratio.

because one beer is equal to 12 liquid ounces, you can use this simple formula come convert:

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How numerous Fluid Ounces space in a Beer?

There space 12 fluid ounces in a beer, i m sorry is why we use this worth in the formula above.

1 beers = 12 fl oz

Beers and fluid ounces room both units used to measure up beer volume. Keep reading to learn more about every unit that measure.


The traditional beer in the us is 12 fl. Oz. And also is often spread in a party or can, but aluminum bottles are increasing in popularity. There are various other bottle and also can sizes, such as the bomber or forty. Beer bottles are obtainable in several shapes, varying from the stubby to the long-neck.

The beer is a us customary unit of beer volume.

Fluid Ounces

In the US, beer is regularly measured through the liquid ounce, i m sorry is the basis for other units that beer volume measure. The traditional US bottle of beer has 12 liquid ounces.

The fluid ounce is a us customary unit the beer volume. Liquid ounces have the right to be abbreviated together fl oz; for example, 1 liquid ounce have the right to be written as 1 fl oz.

Beer to fluid Ounce conversion Table

Beer dimensions converted to fluid ounces Beers fluid Ounces
1 12 fl oz
2 24 fl oz
3 36 fl oz
4 48 fl oz
5 60 fl oz
6 72 fl oz
7 84 fl oz
8 96 fl oz
9 108 fl oz
10 120 fl oz
11 132 fl oz
12 144 fl oz
13 156 fl oz
14 168 fl oz
15 180 fl oz
16 192 fl oz
17 204 fl oz
18 216 fl oz
19 228 fl oz
20 240 fl oz
21 252 fl oz
22 264 fl oz
23 276 fl oz
24 288 fl oz
25 300 fl oz
26 312 fl oz
27 324 fl oz
28 336 fl oz
29 348 fl oz
30 360 fl oz
31 372 fl oz
32 384 fl oz
33 396 fl oz
34 408 fl oz
35 420 fl oz
36 432 fl oz
37 444 fl oz
38 456 fl oz
39 468 fl oz
40 480 fl oz

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