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Okay, where is my prize for the dumbest question ever? But, none of my does are tame enough to turn over and check this for myself and I"ve read 6 and I"ve read 8. Does it vary by breed? Is that why people give different answers? Mine are NZW.

6 generally, but I have a satin angora with 8. She has 2 nearly under her chin. I also have an english angora with 5. One is apparently missing.I also wanted to add, search a tutorial on how to flip your rabbit. This is taught to kids in 4H, so there should be videos or pic tutorials out there somewhere. Less than 25% of my does are tame, and maybe 50% of my bucks on a good day. Don"t stop me from doing what needs done.
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It varies per doe. And actually more then people think have 8 teats, but for some reason, the ones closest to the forelegs are blank, and no more developed then a buck"s. The easiest time to tell is when they are just starting to fur up.For some reason, some folks think that just because the average is 6, that"s all the kits a doe should raise, and cull or even breed for smaller litter size. Instead, breed for milk production. A good doe will keep 10 kits fat even with only 6 teats.

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there are no dumb questions ;6 and 8 if you have good commercial NZW"s they have been bred for good milking and good mothering and should raise 8-10 kits without obstacle .as mine do my calis even being smaller and shorter bodyed do the very same .but I never have thought to flipp em over to count how many were working
lonelyfarmgirl, I will search for videos. I"ve been told to flip them up on their backs, which I"ve been doing with the little 6 week old bunnies to try and sex them I also have a 6 lb doe who has been handled since birth. I"ve been moving the does to the buck to breed this week. Between all this going on this week, I"ve got scratches halfway up to my elbows! And that"s while wearing long sleeves! I"m not sure if I"m ready to try and flip the grown rabbits (9-11 lbs)! I keep working up to it. Even if I did, I"m not sure I could hold them and move the fur around to do the counting! I"m it was mentioned having one doe with only 5. I think one of mine only has 5 because what I can see doesn"t look like they are all in a line. So, it looks like it can and does vary and even if they have 8, two of them may be blanks...