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Okay, whereby is my prize for the dumbest inquiry ever? But, nobody of my does space tame enough to turn over and also check this for myself and I"ve review 6 and I"ve review 8. Does it vary by breed? Is the why world give various answers? Mine space NZW.

6 generally, but I have a satin angora through 8. She has 2 practically under she chin. I additionally have one english angora v 5. One is apparently missing.I additionally wanted to add, search a tutorial on exactly how to flip her rabbit. This is teach to youngsters in 4H, therefore there should be videos or pic tutorials out there somewhere. Less than 25% of my does room tame, and also maybe 50% of my bucks on a an excellent day. Don"t stop me indigenous doing what needs done.
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It varies per doe. And actually an ext then civilization think have actually 8 teats, yet for some reason, the ones closest come the forelegs are blank, and no an ext developed climate a buck"s. The most basic time to tell is once they are just starting to fur up.For some reason, some folks think the just due to the fact that the median is 6, that"s all the kits a doe should raise, and cull or also breed for smaller sized litter size. Instead, breed for milk production. A great doe will save 10 kit fat also with just 6 teats.

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there space no dumb concerns ;6 and also 8 if you have great commercial NZW"s they have actually been bred for an excellent milking and an excellent mothering and should advanced 8-10 kits without an obstacle .as mine do my calis even being smaller and shorter bodyed execute the very same .but ns never have thought come flipp em end to counting how plenty of were working
lonelyfarmgirl, I will search for videos. I"ve been told to flip them up on their backs, i m sorry I"ve been doing v the tiny 6 week old bunnies to try and sex them I additionally have a 6 lb doe who has actually been handled due to the fact that birth. I"ve been relocating the does to the buck to breed this week. Between all this walk on this week, I"ve got scratches halfway up to my elbows! and also that"s when wearing lengthy sleeves! I"m not certain if I"m ready to try and flip the grown rabbits (9-11 lbs)! I store working as much as it. Even if i did, I"m not certain I can hold them and also move the fur roughly to execute the counting! I"m it was mentioned having actually one doe with only 5. Ns think one of mine only has actually 5 because what I have the right to see doesn"t look choose they are all in a line. So, it looks prefer it can and does vary and even if they have actually 8, 2 of them may be blanks...