Part A: Balance the chemistry reaction equationP4(s)+Cl2(g)?PCl5(g) go into the coefficients in order, separated bycommas (e.g., 1,2,3).

You are watching: How many moles of pcl5 can be produced from 27.0 g of p4 (and excess cl2)?

Now think about a instance in i beg your pardon 27.0 g the P4 is included to 54.0g that Cl2, and a chemical reaction occurs. To recognize the limitingreactant, girlfriend will must perform two different calculations:

Part C: How plenty of moles that PCl5 can be developed from 27.0 g of P4(and excess Cl2)? Express your answer come three far-ranging figuresand incorporate the ideal units.

Part D:How plenty of moles of PCl5 have the right to be developed from 54.0 g that Cl2(and overfill P4)? Express her answer to three significant figuresand encompass the proper units.

PartE:What mass of PCl5 will be developed from the offered massesof both reactants? Express her answer come three far-ranging figuresand incorporate the ideal units

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