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Horse racing has actually some distinct terms, yet the one I get asked to define the most is furlong. The inquiries are usually, what is a furlong, and also why is it provided in horse racing? so I believed it would be a great idea to administer an price here.

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A furlong is a typical unit of length that originated in England in the so late 13th or early 14th century and also equals 220 yards, i beg your pardon is an eighth of a mile. The furlong was the embraced unit of measure during the bear of horse racing in England in the 16th century and also applied to racecourses.

Most equine racing fans know a furlong is one eighth that a mile but did you recognize it’s pointed out in the scriptures or it’s still offered on traffic indications in some places?Furlongis a distinctive word v a fascinating story.

What is a furlong?

A furlong is a unit the measure frequently used in steed racing, yet where walk the hatchet originate, and also how lengthy is a furlong. Ns answer these room questions and more.

One furlong equals:

one-eighth of a mile220 yards660 feet.2 kilometer201.1 meters

TheEtymology of the word “furlong.”

I uncover it amazing to know exactly how words came about; the etymology of native is studying the origin of words and also how they’ve developed throughout history. And furlong had an amazing development.It is lower from the “Old English” native furlang.


Now that doesn’t administer much of a time frame, due to the fact that “Old English” includes approximately 700 years, indigenous 450 to 1150 AD, the Anglo-Saxon settlement time to the Norman Invasion.

But what is amazing is the over 85 percent the Old English words room no much longer in use. But besides a readjust in one letter, “a” to”o”, furlong has withstood the test of time.

Back to the origins, furlang is a combination of two other “Old English” words, furh and also lang. Furh equates to furrow, i beg your pardon is a trench in a ar made through a plow.

Lang method long, for this reason the mix translates to represent the size of a furrow or trench made with a plow. In “Old English,” furlang describes a trench’s distance over one acre of land in a ten-acre field. The length was formalized to equal 40 rods or 660 feet.

Furlong is an ancient unit of measure.

Romans provided the word to describe a stadium length and also the roman inn mile. Furlang was same to one-eighth that a roman inn mile; however, it didn’t translate to an eighth of an English mile.

Rather than disrupting land measurement practices, England converted their mile to equal the Romans’. In the early on 1300s, England standardization the mile as eight furlongs, and also a furlong was collection at 40 rods.

These standards created the length of a rod, yard, and also foot together well. A rod to be 5.5 yards or 16.5 feet. During Queen Elizabeth’s power in the 16th century, she established these measurements as nationwide standards.

Furlongs room rarely supplied today, outside of equine racing.

The Republic that the Union the Myanmar, formerly Burma supplies furlongs come note ranges on their highways signs; however, lock are distinctive in this regard. And also England continues to reference the size of their numerous canals by both miles and also furlongs.

Interesting facts:

A perfect acre is a rectangle one furlong long and also 4 rods wide.One furlong is around three-fifths as tall as The Eiffel Tower, the tallest framework in Paris. Another means to put it: the Eiffel Tower is 1.610 furlongs tall.

Why are horse races measure up in furlongs

Tradition is why steed racing is measure in furlongs; it’s all about tradition. You can see this in the reproduction requirements, monitor names, and naming restrictions. Furlongs were the unit the measurement originally used to collection up racecourses in England earlier in the 1500s when horse racing formalized.

A horse race’s distance is measure in furlongs; one furlong is equal to 1/8 that a mile or 220 yards. Steed races much less than a mile are referred to by furlongs. As soon as a gyeongju exceeds a mile, that goes by fountain of a mile.

For example, a three-quarter-mile gyeongju is detailed as 6 furlongs, but a mile and a quarter gyeongju is referred to as a mile and also quarter, no a mile and four furlongs. Many horses begin their gyeongju career competing in races much less than a mile.

Horse racing records in furlongs.


Races room timed at 4 minutes 1 poles (2 furlongs) and are detailed in the racing forms. These 4 minutes 1 pole time are how Thoroughbreds have a much faster record at this distance.

Quarterhorse records are based upon their time coming the end of the beginning gate in a quarter-mile race, vice versa, Thoroughbreds space timed every 220 yards. Having actually a to run start offers them an advantage.

A furlong is stood for in the racing regime with one f. For this reason if you view 4(f) or 6(f), you recognize now recognize that it’s a half or three-quarter-mile race.

The civilization record because that a one-furlong equine race?

The people record in a 220-yard gyeongju (one furlong) belongs come a quarter horse named take trip Plan. He set the document in a cheap claiming gyeongju in 2009 in ~ Los Alamitos Racecourse through a time of 11:493.

Thoroughbreds don’t run one-furlong races, but their times room recorded during a race. During races that one mile or less, a fast Thoroughbred completes one furlong in 12 to 13 seconds and 14 secs for races higher than a mile.

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What is the human being record for two furlongs?

A new world record was collection in 2020 for 2(f) by Drip Brew, a six-year-old Thoroughbred mare. She burnt the course to run the quarter-mile in 19.93 seconds at Praire Meadows.

Since 2008 winning Brew hosted the record covering the street in 20.57 seconds. The faster time for a quarter horse is 20.94, which is slower; however, they are timed indigenous a stop, conversely, the Thoroughbreds are already running.

What is the document for a five-furlong race?

Chinook Pass, a three-year-old Thoroughbred, collection the document for 5(f) in 1982 with a time of55 1/3seconds. He went ~ above to win almost half a million dollars and was ridden through the great:Laffit A. Pincay, Jr.

What is the record for a five and one half furlong race?

Hollywood Harbor organized off a hard field to set the record for 5 1/2 (f) in a time the 1:00.87 at Emerald Downs in 2012. You can see his exciting race below.