Chlorine gas exists as a diatomic molecule that belongs come the halogen team with the chemical formula Cl2. That is green in color gas and corrosive in nature. The is greatly used for the to produce of file and clothes.

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In this article, us will examine Chlorine gas (Cl2) lewis dot structure, its molecular geometry, is it polar or non-polar, hybridization, etc.

Chlorine gas is really reactive hence they bonded to each various other to stabilize the molecule. It shows up as yellow-green gas in ~ room temperature and pressure. It have the right to adversely impact the throat, eye, and respiration system if exposed because that a long time come the person body.

Properties the Chlorine

It is heavier 보다 air and solid irritating odor.It is slightly dissolve in water.Chlorine belongs to the 17th group and halogen family members in the routine table.It has high electronegativity and also non-metallic behavior.Chlorine has a boiling suggest of -34.04 °C and also a melting allude of −101.5 °C.It has actually a molar massive of 70.9 g/mol.
Name that MoleculeChlorine gas or dichlorine
Chemical formulaCl2
Molecular geometry of Cl2Linear
Electron geometry the Cl2Linear
Bond typeCovalent
Total Valence electron for Cl214
The formal fee of Cl20

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1 exactly how to draw Cl2 lewis framework or electron dot structure
2 Follow steps for drawing the lewis dot framework of Cl2
3 Lewis dot framework for Cl2 (Chlorine gas)
4 What room the electron and molecular geometry the Cl2
5 Dichlorine polarity: is Cl2 polar or nonpolar
6 Three factors that show the polarity the Cl2
8 summary

How to draw Cl2 lewis framework or electron period structure

Cl2 lewis’s structure has actually two chlorine atoms associated with a solitary bond v 3 lone pairs on every chlorine. That is very simple and straightforward to draw than most of the molecules.

As Cl2 is the diatomic molecule that has actually only two atoms so it doesn’t require all actions for make the lewis diagram as we require for other molecules choose SCl2, CHCl3, NCl3, etc.

To draw the Cl2 lewis dot framework we will follow some usual steps that the lewis diagram in a simple way.

Follow measures for drawing the lewis dot framework of Cl2

Count the total variety of the valence electronFind the least electronegative atom and also placed it in ~ centerConnect external atom to central atom with a solitary bondPlace remaining valence electron beginning from outer atom firstComplete central atom octet and make covalent shortcut if necessary

1. Count full valence electron in Cl2

For making any kind of lewis chart our very first step is to identify how numerous valence electron a molecule contain. So, we have actually to discover how many valence electrons available for illustration the Cl2 lewis structure. For this just look in ~ the periodic group of Chlorine in the periodic table.

As chlorine belongs come the halogen team which is the 17th group in the regular table. So, the valence electron because that chlorine in its outermost shell is 7.

⇒ complete valence electron in Chlorine = 7

∴ complete valence electron available for Cl2 lewis dot framework = 7*2 = 14 electrons  <∴Two chlorine atom each has actually 7 valence electron in that is outermost shell>


2. Find the least electronegative atom and placed it at center

For Cl2 lewis’s structure, just two atoms existing which space similar. So, that doesn’t issue which atom is less or much more electronegative. Simply put one chlorine atom at whatever place girlfriend like and also another one beside it.


3. Connect outer atom to central atom with a single bond

Generally in this step, we affix all outer atoms come the central atom v the assist of a solitary bond for drawing the lewis chart of any molecule.

In the situation of Cl2, this procedure is straightforward. Simply put one solitary bond in in between two chlorine atoms.


Now counting how plenty of valence electrons we used till now. Together one single bond has two electrons and also in the over structure, we supplied only one solitary bond in between two chlorine atoms.

Therefore, we used 2 electron from the full of 14 valence electrons easily accessible for illustration the lewis structure of Cl2.

(14 – 2) = 12 valence electron

Now we space left v 12 valence electron more.

4. Ar remaining valence electrons starting from outer atom first

As Cl2 lewis’s structure just contain 2 atoms the are similar so you can assume any kind of of one is central and the other one is the external atom. But it doesn’t matter, begin placing the continuing to be electron around any chlorine atom together you prefer.

We have actually 12 remaining valence electrons and also each chlorine demands 8 electrons because that completing its octet. Yet each chlorine already sharing two electrons with the help of a solitary bond. So, both of castle only need 6 electron to finish their octet.


Lewis dot structure for Cl2 (Chlorine gas)

By looking at the above Cl2 lewis structure, we check out both chlorine atom completed your octet comfortably together both that them have actually 8 electrons about them.

And no should make any kind of covalent link in this lewis diagram since we acquired our stable lewis dot structure for Cl2.

The molecule geometry of Cl2 is straight as every diatomic molecules in chemistry have actually linear geometry because diatomic molecule contain 2 atoms that are linked with a single bond that produces only a directly line geometry. So, any other geometry is not feasible for this form of molecule.

Linear geometry is the simplest arrangement of atom in a straight line. The electron geometry for Cl2 is also linear. Just remember all diatomic molecule or any kind of molecule that have only 2 atoms, over there geometry or shape will it is in linear. That’s it.

Some easy measures to recognize the geometry of any type of molecule.

Draw the Lewis structure of the given molecule.Count how plenty of lone pair and bonded pair electron it contains.Use VSEPR theory or chart to recognize the geometry the the offered molecule.

Here, we need to find the molecular geometry the Cl2. So, follow these given steps to recognize its form or geometry.

As us have currently drawn the lewis framework of Cl2, so straight start with step 2.

1. Uncover the variety of lone pairs and also bonded pair electron in the Cl2 lewis structure

The lone pair is unshared electrons that no involve in any chemical bonding whereas external inspection pair electrons just opposite to it, they have actually shared electrons the involve in chemistry bonding.


As displayed in the figure, the Cl2 lewis structure has 1 bonded pair electron in between two chlorine atoms due to the fact that they are shareable for making the chemistry bond.

And 3 lone pairs on each chlorine atom because they space unshared electron that space not shareable because that any form of chemistry bonding.

Note: Only a lone pair ~ above the central atom that the molecule considers for finding the geometry of any type of molecule.

In Cl2, there is no main atom, for this reason the lone pair thought about zero for determining its geometry.

2. Usage VSEPR chart to recognize the molecule geometry the Cl2


According come Valence covering electron pair repulsion concept if the provided molecule has actually no lone pair top top the main atom and also has just one bonded pair of electrons, climate the molecule geometry of that molecule will be linear and electron geometry will additionally linear.

In the instance of Cl2, over there is no main atom, therefore no lone pair on it, and Cl2 has actually only one external inspection pair the electrons that is in between two chlorine atoms.

So, the molecular geometry the Cl2 is linear.


 Molecular geometry that Cl2

Hybridization that Cl2

The hybridization of every chlorine atom in the Cl2 lewis framework is Sp³. It way it has actually one s orbital and three p orbital. And this makes 4 hybrid orbitals.

In order to uncover the hybridization of the chlorine atom in the Cl2 molecule, we have actually to discover its steric number.

Steric number = variety of atoms fastened + number of lone bag on atom

For chlorine, it has actually three lone bag on it and also one atom attached come it.

= (1 + 3)

= 4 is the steric number of chlorine in Cl2.

So, 4 steric number means, it has Sp³ hybridization.

Steric numberHybridization

Whereas a non-polar molecule has actually equal circulation of charge and has part dipole minute that can conveniently be canceled out. All non-polar molecules have zero dipole moment.

So, Is Cl2 polar or non-polar? i think you already know the answer, Cl2 is non-polar. Generally, every diatomic molecule that has actually same atom is non-polar in nature due to the fact that they don’t have any kind of dipole moment along with the bond.

The dipole moment only produced in a molecule as soon as there room a separation that charge existing or unlike charges distributed over atoms.

Let’s dive deep right into this to inspect the polarity the Cl2 v the help of three necessary factors.

Three determinants that show the polarity of Cl2 

1. Electronegativity: 

Electronegativity is one of the top determinants to inspect the polarity of any molecule. Higher the electronegativity difference between the link in molecule more is the polar nature of that molecule.

According come the Pauling scale, if the difference of electronegativity of atoms in bond is less than 0.4, then they taken into consideration to the non-polar molecule, and also when the electronegativity distinction of an atom in the bond in between 0.4-0.7 then they considered being a polar molecule. Greater than this, the molecule can be considered to it is in ionic.

For Cl2, we have actually two chlorine atoms and also they have the exact same electronegativity. So, the difference in electronegativity in between them is zero. Hence it is a non-polar molecule.

2. Dipole moment

The network dipole minute in Cl2 is zero. Together there is no separation of fee that can lead come dipole minute in it. Dipole moment ensures the stamin of polarity between two atoms. The greater the dipole moment of the molecule, the an ext is the polar nature of the molecule. 

In the math expression, dipole moment have the right to be identified as “A dipole moment is the product of the magnitude of the charge and the distance in between the centers the the confident and an unfavorable charges”.

It is denoted by µ and measured in the Debye unit.

⇒ Dipole minute formula = charge on the atom * the distance in between them 

∴ D = Q × R

3. Geometrical structure

The molecular geometry of Cl2 is direct which is very symmetrical and also in directly lines. So, dipole produced in symmetrical shape can easily be canceled out. Also the equal number of lone pairs existing on each chlorine atom in the Cl2 lewis structure.

So, both chlorine equally repels bonded pair of electrons and also that creates all at once balance in framework which eventually makes the a extremely symmetrical molecule.

All these factors show why Cl2 is a nonpolar molecule.

And each chlorine includes three lone pairs. So, the total lone pair is 6 that provides 6*2 = 12 unshared electrons. 

Hence, share electrons in the Cl2 lewis dot structure is two and also non-sharing electrons are 12.

What is the bond edge of Cl2?

The bond edge of Cl2 is 180º together its molecule geometry is direct which reflects atoms lie in a directly line and make a 180º angle.

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Chlorine gas is extremely reactive and also exists as a diatomic molecule the belongs come the halogen group. Right here is a review of what we have learned in this article.