The currently of symmetry in a quadrilateral are the imagine lines passing v the center of the quadrilateral. They division the square into comparable halves.

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How plenty of Lines of Symmetry walk a quadrilateral Have

How numerous Lines the Symmetry does a quadrilateral Have

Concept: as we know, a quadrilateral is any type of shape having 4 sides, the does not have actually a fixed number of symmetrical present for all its shapes. However, we have the right to determine the variety of lines of the opposite for any type of quadrilaterals by folding that shape along the lines such that the resulting shapes are similar halves of the original figure.

Explanation: because that example, take it a square and fold the form over any type of of that is diagonal, the horizontal segments, and the upright segments. We will get four such present in a square that division the square into comparable halves. For this reason a square has four lines the symmetry. Similarly, a rectangle has actually only two lines of symmetry, as we can fold it one of two people horizontally or vertically. Try to wrinkles the rectangle over any type of of that is diagonals. What have you found?

Repeat the above procedure for all various other special quadrilateral such together parallelogram, rhombus, trapezoid, and also kite and note the results. Go your result match v the results provided above?


Q1. What quadrilateral has no lines of symmetry?

Ans. Parallelogram is a quadrilateral through no present of symmetry.

Q2. What quadrilaterals have two lines of symmetry?

Ans. Rectangle and rhombus have specifically two currently or symmetry.

Q3. What square has four lines the symmetry?

Ans. Square is the quadrilateral that has four lines that symmetry.

Q4. Which quadrilaterals have actually diagonals that room not currently of symmetry?

Ans. Parallelogram and trapezoid (except isosceles trapezoid) have actually diagonals that space not present of symmetry.

Q5. What quadrilateral has one heat of symmetry but no rotational symmetry?

Ans. Kite is the quadrilateral through one line of symmetry however no rotational symmetry.

Q6. What quadrilateral has a horizontal line of symmetry yet no vertical line of symmetry?

Ans. Kite is the quadrilateral v a horizontal line of symmetry but no vertical line of symmetry.

Q8. How many lines the symmetry walk an irregular square have?

Ans. An irregular quadrilateral has no currently of symmetry.

Q9. How numerous lines that symmetry go a regular quadrilateral have?

Ans. Square gift the only consistent quadrilateral that has 4 lines that symmetry.

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Q10. What quadrilateral has only one line of symmetry?

Ans. An isosceles trapezoid has only one line of symmetry.

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