Convert between grams and also pounds (and ounces) using this calculator. A chart of typical weight conversions because that grams and also pounds is available further under the page.

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Disclaimer: Whilst every initiative has been made in structure this calculator, we space not to be held liable for any damages or monetary losses arising out the or in connection with the use of it. This device is below purely as a organization to you, please usage it at your very own risk. Full disclaimer. Carry out not use calculations because that anything whereby loss that life, money, property, etc could an outcome from inaccurate calculations.

Converting in between grams and pounds

The charts listed below show conversions for weights in between 100g and 5000g on the an initial chart and 5lb and also 10lb ~ above the second. Need to you great to convert directly between grams and ounces, give the grams and also ounces converter a try.

Grams to pounds (and ounces)GramsPoundsPounds and ounces
100 grams0.22 lb0 lb, 3.53 oz
200 grams0.441 lb0 lb, 7.05 oz
300 grams0.661 lb0 lb, 10.58 oz
400 grams0.882 lb0 lb, 14.11 oz
500 grams1.102 lb1 lb, 1.64 oz
600 grams1.323 lb1 lb, 5.16 oz
700 grams1.543 lb1 lb, 8.69 oz
800 grams1.764 lb1 lb, 12.22 oz
900 grams1.984 lb1 lb, 15.75 oz
1000 grams2.205 lb2 lb, 3.27 oz
1200 grams2.646 lb2 lb, 10.33 oz
1400 grams3.086 lb3 lb, 1.38 oz
1600 grams3.527 lb3 lb, 8.44 oz
1800 grams3.968 lb3 lb, 15.49 oz
2000 grams4.409 lb4 lb, 6.55 oz
2200 grams4.85 lb4 lb, 13.6 oz
2400 grams5.291 lb5 lb, 4.66 oz
2600 grams5.732 lb5 lb, 11.71 oz
2800 grams6.173 lb6 lb, 2.77 oz
3000 grams6.614 lb6 lb, 9.82 oz
3200 grams7.055 lb7 lb, 0.88 oz
3400 grams7.496 lb7 lb, 7.93 oz
3600 grams7.937 lb7 lb, 14.99 oz
3800 grams8.378 lb8 lb, 6.04 oz
4000 grams8.818 lb8 lb, 13.1 oz
4200 grams9.259 lb9 lb, 4.15 oz
4400 grams9.7 lb9 lb, 11.21 oz
4600 grams10.141 lb10 lb, 2.26 oz
4800 grams10.582 lb10 lb, 9.32 oz
5000 grams11.023 lb11 lb, 0.37 oz
Note: conversions room rounded

Pounds to gramsPounds and ozPoundsGramsKg
6 lb 0 oz6 lb2721.6 g2.72 kg
6 lb 1 oz6.06 lb2749.9 g2.75 kg
6 lb 2 oz6.13 lb2778.3 g2.78 kg
6 lb 3 oz6.19 lb2806.6 g2.81 kg
6 lb 4 oz6.25 lb2835 g2.83 kg
6 lb 5 oz6.31 lb2863.3 g2.86 kg
6 lb 6 oz6.38 lb2891.7 g2.89 kg
6 lb 7 oz6.44 lb2920 g2.92 kg
6 lb 8 oz6.5 lb2948.4 g2.95 kg
6 lb 9 oz6.56 lb2976.7 g2.98 kg
6 lb 10 oz6.63 lb3005 g3.01 kg
6 lb 11 oz6.69 lb3033.4 g3.03 kg
6 lb 12 oz6.75 lb3061.7 g3.06 kg
6 lb 13 oz6.81 lb3090.1 g3.09 kg
6 lb 14 oz6.88 lb3118.4 g3.12 kg
6 lb 15 oz6.94 lb3146.8 g3.15 kg
7 lb 0 oz7 lb3175.1 g3.18 kg
7 lb 1 oz7.06 lb3203.5 g3.2 kg
7 lb 2 oz7.13 lb3231.8 g3.23 kg
7 lb 3 oz7.19 lb3260.2 g3.26 kg
7 lb 4 oz7.25 lb3288.5 g3.29 kg
7 lb 5 oz7.31 lb3316.9 g3.32 kg
7 lb 6 oz7.38 lb3345.2 g3.35 kg
7 lb 7 oz7.44 lb3373.6 g3.37 kg
7 lb 8 oz7.5 lb3401.9 g3.4 kg
7 lb 9 oz7.56 lb3430.3 g3.43 kg
7 lb 10 oz7.63 lb3458.6 g3.46 kg
7 lb 11 oz7.69 lb3487 g3.49 kg
7 lb 12 oz7.75 lb3515.3 g3.52 kg
7 lb 13 oz7.81 lb3543.7 g3.54 kg
7 lb 14 oz7.88 lb3572 g3.57 kg
7 lb 15 oz7.94 lb3600.4 g3.6 kg
8 lb 0 oz8 lb3628.7 g3.63 kg
8 lb 1 oz8.06 lb3657.1 g3.66 kg
8 lb 2 oz8.13 lb3685.4 g3.69 kg
8 lb 3 oz8.19 lb3713.8 g3.71 kg
8 lb 4 oz8.25 lb3742.1 g3.74 kg
8 lb 5 oz8.31 lb3770.5 g3.77 kg
8 lb 6 oz8.38 lb3798.8 g3.8 kg
8 lb 7 oz8.44 lb3827.2 g3.83 kg
8 lb 8 oz8.5 lb3855.5 g3.86 kg
8 lb 9 oz8.56 lb3883.9 g3.88 kg
8 lb 10 oz8.63 lb3912.2 g3.91 kg
8 lb 11 oz8.69 lb3940.6 g3.94 kg
8 lb 12 oz8.75 lb3968.9 g3.97 kg
8 lb 13 oz8.81 lb3997.3 g4 kg
8 lb 14 oz8.88 lb4025.6 g4.03 kg
8 lb 15 oz8.94 lb4054 g4.05 kg
9 lb 0 oz9 lb4082.3 g4.08 kg
9 lb 1 oz9.06 lb4110.7 g4.11 kg
9 lb 2 oz9.13 lb4139 g4.14 kg
9 lb 3 oz9.19 lb4167.4 g4.17 kg
9 lb 4 oz9.25 lb4195.7 g4.2 kg
9 lb 5 oz9.31 lb4224.1 g4.22 kg
9 lb 6 oz9.38 lb4252.4 g4.25 kg
9 lb 7 oz9.44 lb4280.8 g4.28 kg
9 lb 8 oz9.5 lb4309.1 g4.31 kg
9 lb 9 oz9.56 lb4337.5 g4.34 kg
9 lb 10 oz9.63 lb4365.8 g4.37 kg
9 lb 11 oz9.69 lb4394.2 g4.39 kg
9 lb 12 oz9.75 lb4422.5 g4.42 kg
9 lb 13 oz9.81 lb4450.9 g4.45 kg
9 lb 14 oz9.88 lb4479.2 g4.48 kg
9 lb 15 oz9.94 lb4507.6 g4.51 kg
10 lb 0 oz10 lb4535.9 g4.54 kg
Note: conversions space rounded


If you're in search of a conversion for a number not displayed in this chart, give the converter in ~ the height of the web page a try. Have to you wish to calculate numbers manually, you'll uncover the information you need below. Note that we additionally have a kg to lb converter if you need it.

How plenty of grams are in a lb (lb)?

This is a common cooking conversion question as people want to be able to convert from pounds to grams. There space 453.59237 grams in a pound (lb). So, multiply your pound figure by 453.59237 to gain your grams figure (or 454 for a stormy conversion).

How plenty of pounds are in a gram?

together there are 453.59237 grams in a pound, to calculate the variety of pounds there room in a gram, you need to divide her grams number by 453.59237. 1 gram is same to 0.002205 pounds.

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