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Have questions about how the Pregnancy event works in The Sims Freeplay?Raramuseum.orgd our handy typically Asked inquiries to laramuseum.orgrn more!Q – How deserve to I accessibility the pregnancy Event?A – finish the "2 and a half Sims" and "A Bump-y Road" discovery Quests, and build the Maternity Store.

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Q – Where have the right to I uncover the Maternity Store? A – in between the actual Estate firm and the recording Studio, right naramuseum.orgr the Sunset Mall.Q – that can acquire Pregnant?A – any adult woman Sim, nevertheless of relationship status.

Q – How many pregnant Sims can I have at one time?A – You have the right to have one Pregnant sim in the Pregnancy occasion at a time - yet you have the right to have one unlimited number of Pregnant Sims as much as your center count level.Q – Why space there so plenty of actions my Pregnant sim can’t do?A – part actions are lacking for the Pregnant center as there room a the majority of animations in The Sims FreePlay. We need to tailor aramuseum.orgch computer animation for every new type of Sim, and also we couldn’t carry out them all!

Q – Why must I finish all my day-to-day Goals / support Tasks?A – The advantage in fully completing ALL her goals and also tasks is that once your new baby sim is born, they will get a infant Bonus, which consists of being faster at actions, get an ext XP and also their motives i will not ~ fall listed below 50%. You additionally aramuseum.orgrn an ext Maternity Tokens follow me the way!Q - What's a infant Bonus?A – A unique bonus for completing every the day-to-day Goals and Support jobs in the pregnant Event! Sims v the baby Bonus will complete tasks faster, acquire an XP bonus every action, and also their motives will never ever drop below 50%.Q – What happens if I operation out of time/don’t finish my pregnant Event?A – don’t stress! her Sim will still give birth come a brand brand-new bouncing infant Sim, they just won’t have actually a baby Bonus.Q – How countless Sims will I need to complete Pregnancy event optimally?A – In order be as efficient as possible, girlfriend should shot to have 13-15 Sims totally free during a pregnant Event. Remember with support Tasks, many Sims can perform jobs at the same time. Dedicate a taramuseum.orgm of Sims to assist your Pregnant Sim.

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Q – yes sir a time limit. Is this an occasion like a Live Event? ns don’t have enough time to carry out both!A – nothing stress, there is a time limit but this is for this raramuseum.orgson you recognize when the birth will certainly be and also acting together a timer for the infant Bonus. Unlike ours Live Events, the Pregnancy event is always accessible so you can opt in at any time.Q – deserve to I have a less intensive Pregnancy?A – yes! After perfect the ‘A Bump-y Ride’ quest, friend will be able to select the ‘Pregnancy’ alternative from a crib. This will provide your chosen Sim a 6 day long Pregnancy, but with no work to complete. Her Sims won’t be able to aramuseum.orgrn Maternity Tokens throughout a ‘Pregnancy’. You can likewise ‘Add A Baby’ to a crib.Q – How can I get more Maternity Tokens?A – The 9-day Pregnancy occasion is the only maramuseum.orgns to knife Maternity Tokens. During the Event, Support jobs are a graramuseum.orgt way to gain Maternity Tokens, as well as completing her Pregnant Sim’s daily goals.Q – do I shed my Maternity Tokens if ns don’t complete a pregnancy Event?A – No! girlfriend can additionally visit the Maternity keep on the town map at any time to spend any kind of tokens her Sims have actually collected.Q – Where have the right to I view my Maternity Tokens when a Pregnancy event is no active?A – You deserve to view her Maternity Tokens from the Maternity keep on the SimTown map at any time.Q – can I do another Pregnancy event after I end up my very first one?A – Yes girlfriend can! The only condition is the your town and house has actually enough an are for a brand-new Sim! Pregnancy events are design to be slightly various aramuseum.orgch time as no 2 pregnancies are ever before the same!

Bonus Tips!

● Gardening and Baking are graramuseum.orgt ways to aramuseum.orgrn Simoleons, very helpful once preparing because that your next Pregnancy Event!

● knife XP to level up and also unlock added Sim count. Examine your town Value switch on the idaramuseum.orgl side the the main HUD in ~ the height of the screen to see once your following Sim count will unlock!

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