A stapler is an office staple. Although yes sir a typical standard size, various different staple sizes room available, relying on what you have to bind and also the kind of stapler friend have. Our guide will sheathe staple varieties and sizes,including a handy staple sizes chart that will certainly ensure friend buy the staples that suit her binding needs.




Our customers frequently ask what size staples go through each kind of Blue Summit supplies stapler. We’ve consisted of a visual staple guide for each type of stapler we market below.

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Staple Length

The length of a staple describes its legs, the parts of the clip that press through the great of record and fold underneath the pages. If you must staple a thick heap of record at once, you’ll require a staple with lengthy legs. Certain you acquisition the correct leg size as traditional staplers are just designed to host 1/4 inch legs.

When you check out the size of a staple in millimeter or inches, it’s introduce to the length of the staple’s legs.


Staple Width

The width of a staple, sometimes called its crown, is the optimal or crossbar of a staple. It’s the part of the clip you will check out flat across the optimal of whatever you bind.


Wire Gauge

The wire gauge that a staple refers to the thickness the the staple itself. The thicker the wire is, the much more stable and also durable the staple. If she stapling pieces of cardboard with each other to form a box, you’ll desire a thicker wire gauge than if you’re stapling together a couple of pieces of paper. There room a few different kinds of cable gauges.

Fine Wire: The thinnest staple, ranging from 20 - 23 gauge thickness. This is the type of staple you’ll find around an office.

Medium Wire: Usually in between 18 - 19 gauge thickness. It’s stronger than a fine wire staple, but not quite solid enough to be offered in construction.

Heavy Wire: The thickest kind of staple, usually in between 15 - 16 gauge thickness. This sort of clip is finest utilized in heavy-duty tasks like construction or roofing.


Gauge is used to suggest the thickness of metal. The higher a gauge number is, the thinner the steel will be.


Staple Point

The staple point, likewise known as the teeth, describes the finish of every leg that pierces the paper. Many staples have a chisel allude to help the staple push smoothly through materials.



Different species Of Staples

Full strip Staples

A full strip of staples usually consists of 200 or much more staples per strip.

Half piece Staples

As the surname suggests, a fifty percent strip is fifty percent the size of a complete strip, typically consisting that 100 or an ext staples.

Staple Cartridge

Staple cartridges might contain the very same size staples, yet they space a completely different style. This kind of staple is used greatly for electric staplers or specific heavy-duty staplers. The staples come in a flat sheet (often 5000 staples) it is rolled up into a cartridge.

What size Are conventional Staples?

At this point, you may be wondering what’s the standard staple that fits the standard stapler found in practically every standard classroom and office?  

Standard-size staples are 1/4 customs (6mm) in length, qualified of stapling everywhere from 2 to 30 pages with each other at once and also designed come fit any kind of standard-size stapler. Most of the time, this is the only staple you’ll need around the office or classroom.

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Staple sizes Chart

Most staplers will certainly say on the bottom what dimension staple lock take, so prior to you do a purchase, check the bottom of her stapler first. Often, the size will show up in the metric, two-number form, because that example, 23/6. The very first number refers to the gauge the the staple, and also the 2nd number describes the length of the staple’s legs. Generally, because that office use, it’s the leg length that will vary, depending on how countless pages you need to staple at once.