Wish you might store her favorite Blu-ray discs on her computer? Here's just how to rip her movie collection to a PC, including 4K UHD discs.

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In order to rip those movies to her PC, you"ll need an optical drive in your pc that have the right to read Blu-ray discs—a DVD journey is no enough. You have the right to buy an outside one that connects over USB, or an interior one for your desktop—either is fine.

If you want to rip 4K UHD Blu-rays, however, your choices are much more limited. Because of their intensified copy protection, 4K UHD Blu-rays can"t be ripped on many 4K Blu-ray drives. Instead, girlfriend will want a continuous Blu-ray drive the is considered "4K friendly."

If you already have a Blu-ray drive, you have the right to poke approximately the MakeMKV forums to check out if it"s usable because that 4K Blu-rays, or you have the right to buy one of their encourage drives. You may need to flash tradition firmware or roll earlier to an older firmware version in bespeak to review those 4K discs. This can be a little nerve-wracking, but I"ve excellent it double without breaking anything, so it can be done.

You have the right to read the most up-to-date journey for flashing new firmware here. I supplied an LG WH16NS40 v patched firmware because that the most recent version of this guide.

Set up MakeMKV


MakeMKV is a program for Windows, macOS, and also Linux that deserve to rip DVD and Blu-ray discs into the functional MKV video format. There are various other paid programs the offer more features, prefer DeUHD and also AnyDVD, yet we"ll be making use of MakeMKV for this tutorial, because it"s free.

Technically, it"s only free while in beta, yet it"s to be "in beta" for around 10 years. You simply need to use the latest beta an essential whenever that asks you to register, i m sorry is about once a month. You deserve to purchase a license for $50 if you desire to stop this annoyance. Download MakeMKV and open the program, then get in the vital when prompted (or enter it later on under the Help > Register menu).

If you"re just ripping classic Blu-rays, that"s every you should do. However, if you have a 4K-friendly drive and want come rip a 4K UHD disc, you"ll have to open MakeMKV and see if your drive is compatible through 4K discs—again, see the MakeMKV forum for more information. On some drives, you might need to do one other step.


MakeMKV can"t rest the copy defense on the own, so you require a hashed decryption vital for the disc in question. You can download a perform of currently known hashed keys, which you can discover through a quick Google search. In general, this technique is thought about outdated, however if you have actually an older drive the isn"t compatible v the more recent "LibreDrive" method of ripping, it may still be relevant for you.

If you call for hashed keys, you have the right to download them, then head to MakeMKV"s preferences, go to the basic tab, and choose a "data" catalog for MakeMKV (or make keep in mind of the default directory"s path). Copy the text paper of hashed tricks to the directory and restart MakeMKV. It will then have the ability to reference those tricks when take it 4K UHD Blu-rays. You might need to periodically update this text paper as new movies are released on 4K Blu-ray.

Insert and also Rip your Disc


When MakeMKV launches, it will certainly scan your computer for optical drives, then present you v information around your drive and the surname of the disc inside it. (If you get an error, you may need come right-click that is shortcut and run it as an administrator.) If every little thing looks right, click the large Blu-ray switch to open the disc for ripping.

Once the disc has been scanned, MakeMKV will present you v a list of "titles" top top the disc. At the very least one of these will be the complete movie, while various other titles might be special attributes or other footage. Click the different titles and also look for one the matches the length and also chapter counting of the movie itself, then uncheck the other boxes. Girlfriend can also expand a provided title to add or remove audio and subtitle tracks—though for most users, the default selections will it is in fine here.


In the right-hand pane, click the folder icon to pick the folder whereby you want the resulting video clip to appear, then click the "Make MKV" button. The movie will most likely take a while come rip, depending on the size of the movie and also the speed of your player. Be ready to go execute something else because that an hour while girlfriend wait. As soon as the process is done, though, friend will have actually an MKV paper that you deserve to open in a video clip player prefer VLC or PotPlayer.

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Keep in mind the MakeMKV is not guaranteed come rip every disc, and your mileage might vary relying on the disc, her drive, and the remainder of her setup. Part discs may have actually newer copy-protection schemes the haven"t to be cracked yet, or her disc might be as well damaged to rip.

Ripping discs can be more finicky than playing them, so also if a bowl plays good in your Xbox One, there"s no insurance it will rip reliably. If you conference an error, try giving the key a an excellent cleaning, or try removing several of the scratches. If the doesn"t work, you might need a brand-new disc or a later version the MakeMKV.