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Deep fried food your oriental dishes, turkey, or poultry to perfection through this AAK Oasis peanut oil blend! Boasting a high smoke allude of 450 levels Fahrenheit, this peanut oil blend is popular for line fry, deep fried chicken, or stop fish. An economic substitute because that pure peanut oil, this blend is perfect for day-to-day use. Because it doesn"t deliver its smell to her food, her patrons will completely enjoy the taste of your signature fried dishes. This dependable, multi-purpose peanut oil mix is a good value for many of her restaurant, diner, or concession stand"s food preparation needs. You"ll discover excellent results once making French fries and you can also whisk it right into salad dressings. No matter what girlfriend prepare, you"ll want to store a great supply top top hand. Stock her kitchen and save costs with this mass 35 lb. / 4.5 gallons supply!

fist CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning

fist CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning

This product deserve to expose you to chemicals including lead, i m sorry are well-known to the State that California to reason cancer, bear defects, or other reproductive harm. For much more information, walk to

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WARNING: This product deserve to expose you to chemicals including lead, which are well-known to the State the California to cause cancer, bear defects, or other reproductive harm. For much more information, walk to

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High quality peanut oil blend that is perfect for our deep fryer! We use this oil in numerous nutrition restricted items that us manufacture and this is the only oil approximately that meets our requirements and is of a high quality. Extremely recommended!

This product is exceptionally well built and also really aided out our business. Additionally you deserve to not beat the price that this item, it"s a victory win situation!

The peanut oil blend is a great fry oil and also makes because that a great frying oil. The is our walk to oil for frying and no bad taste. Ns love it.

This may very well be the precipice that peanut oil options. I’ve uncovered that retail grade peanut oil is incredibly expensive and you don’t acquire a great deal the product for what girlfriend pay. V the Oasis container you get plenty the oil at a in the name of cost and the overall quality is second to none. This is the just peanut oil the I will be purchasing going forward.

This is good for making your own herbal version the peanut butter. It additionally enhances the taste of numerous food assets such together french fries and also more.

We use this oil in our concession trailer because that chicken products. I"ve i found it it provides fries one odd after-taste but for chicken nuggets and also sandwiches it works well. Ns will continue to purchase it because that this price. Our customers gain it a lot.

Very happy through this product. Peanut oil heats really quickly so you perform not have to leave the fryer on long prior to using it. The has terrific flavor and also cooks food evenly.

This oil gives great flavor come fried food and has a reasonably high cigarette smoking point!! It provides hage frech fries taste great, and also chicken has actually never come the end so crisp!

Great brand of blended peanut oil. Works marvels for fryers. Produces golden brown crispy commodities every time. Would recommend to anyone in search of a cheap clean and also durable frying oil.

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