The Elantra has two feasible engines for your consideration. The one the comes conventional is a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder the produces 147 horsepower and 132 lb-ft that torque. It likewise supplies you through an EPA-estimated 33 city/43 highway MPG when you stick with the baseline SE trim level.¹

The easily accessible powertrain is a 1.6-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. This one boasts a maximum of 201 horsepower and 195 lb-ft that torque. You’ll also receive one EPA-estimated 28 city/36 highway MPG, therefore you have the right to spend an ext time enjoy it the heightened acceleration this engine provides.¹

No matter which of this engines you end up picking, you can be certain that you’ll have the ability to handle whatever the roadway throws your way.

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Supplemental power Features

The Hyundai Elantramakes usage of functions that effectively help you out in the gas purpose of use department.


One particularly effective one is the electronic Stability Control. This standard system sees to it the you gain to where you’re walk by distributing the suitable amount of power to the engine and braking systems.

Another beneficial performance device is the conventional Traction control System. It functions to border wheelspin if you uncover yourself steering in bad road problems or adverse weather.

Not just does preserving the appropriate amount of air push in her tires assist with MPG, but it’s also crucial to the performance of your vehicle and also the safety of anyone on board. To assist you save track that the status of her tires, the Elantra come standard with a Tire push Monitoring System. This mechanism is also accessible with an individual tire press indicator.

Supportive Safety features Inside the Elantra

The 2021 Hyundai Elantra additionally utilizesseveralsafety featuresthat are there to help in its overall performance.

An example of among these is Brake Assist. It recognizes emergency braking and can aid by using the vital force to carry the car to a finish stop.


Other valuable safety tools incorporate the typical Forward Collision-Avoidance assist with Pedestrian Detection that gives you with enhanced awareness of the front of the vehicle. There’s additionally the conventional Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance help with rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance assist that work-related together to boost awareness when changing lanes and also backing in or out of parking spots.

Additionally, there’s the typical Lane keeping Assist attribute that lets you know when you’re unintentionally drifting the end of your lane.

The Driver fist Warning is one more standard 2021 Hyundai Elantra safety function that’s fine worth mentioning. This one is sure to come in comfortable whenever you find yourself taking long road trips or driving at night. It have the right to alert you when your driving behavior suggests that it might be time because that you to pull over and also get part rest before continuing through your drive.

Tips for gaining the many Out of her Hyundai Elantra

There are a few things you have the right to do to make sure you’re acquiring the most reliable fuel economic situation from her 2021 Elantra. We thought it would certainly be a an excellent idea to lug these up at this time. We’ve compiled them and listed them because that you below:


Pay attention to the speed limit.Driving faster than necessary tends to put undue anxiety on a vehicle’s engine. This may result in reduced MPG numbers 보다 you’d like. Think about going below or in ~ the posted speed limit to get the gas mileage back to wherein you desire it come be.Keep the cabin clean.If you often tend to allow items heap up within the cabin, you can want to clear things out indigenous time come time. Delivering extra weight have the right to slow you down and cause the engine to work-related harder.Change the engine waiting filter regularly.

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The engine wait filter is over there to ensure that the engine remains clear of any dirt or debris that would certainly otherwise muck increase the works and cause points to run much less efficiently. If it’s not adjusted regularly, it will certainly be unable to do this critical purpose.

Come inspect Out the 2021 Hyundai Elantra because that Yourself


You’ve just had actually a glimpse of what the 2021 Elantra have the right to do because that your day-to-day drives close to Bloomington, Martinsville, and also Ellettsville, Indiana, in regards to fuel economy as well as aspects of its in its entirety performance. If you like what you’ve learned so far around this reliable motor vehicle, it’s about time for you to obtain a feel for these and other attributes in person.

The quickest way to make that occur is to contact our team here at Andy Mohr Hyundai therefore that we can get you all addressed up because that atest driveat a time the fits her schedule.

¹ EPA approximates for comparison. Your actual mileage will vary through options, driving conditions, control habits, and also vehicle's condition. Some accessories are not obtainable on some models. While the information included in this website was correct in ~ time that publishing, specifications and also equipment can change. Hyundai make reservation the appropriate to change product specifications and also equipment at any kind of time without incurring obligations. Part vehicles are shown with optional equipment. Specifications apply to U.S. Vehicles only. Please call your Hyundai dealer for current car specifications