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Your votes have actually spoken! MSW 2015 is Greece’s own…

cobrarea9 has been a member due to the fact that 2013 and gathered an impressive list of success since then. She is one bold doll who lets her solid personality bright through and also is certainly not afraid to express she opinion or stand up for what she believes is right!

You deserve to visit she Suite here.

This year’s compete got particularly fierce in the third round, and all finalists obtained an impressive variety of votes! Congrats to every the amazing dolls for the hard work girlfriend put right into your campaigns.

You can inspect out the complete results in the miss out on Stardoll world page.

Thanks to everyone that voted! Remember: crowning the winner would not be feasible if that weren’t for all you dolls!

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Miss Stardoll world 2014 is Brazilian beauty beauty FlorGatalinda10!

Since involvement in 2010, FlorGatalinda10 has actually won nationwide Covergirl, Covergirl, The Vote and more! Her vast Suite is complete of lover rooms through fun details, like a room v a gorgeous sea view, a tasty-looking BBQ scene, one elegant tea party and also more!

FlorGatalinda10 wins the stunning Mawi decision leaf necklace and clutch, two years of Superstar membership, nobility status and shopping, 2000 Stardollars, 2000 Starcoins, miss Stardoll civilization crown & sash, an exclusive wardrobe packed with impressive outfits and a function in the room of fame.


1st runner Up is Saudi Arabian doll Memoo-wa, who has actually been a member because 2011 and whose textile and jewelry designs have actually won tons of awards!

Memoo-wa is the happy winner the the Mawi Geometric crystal Bracelet, 6 months of Superstar membership, royalty status and shopping, 1000 Stardollars, 1000 Starcoins and also a Beautiful crown & sash.


2nd runner Up is stunning Turkish doll PuppySasha34. an award-winning hair designer, PuppySasha34 always looks flawless and also has yes, really made a surname for herself because joining in 2012.

PuppySasha34 wins the Mawi Geometric decision Ring, 3 month of Superstar membership, aristocracy status and also shopping, 500 Stardollars, 500 Starcoins and also a Beautiful crown & sash.

Congratulations come the remarkable winners and also thank you come everyone that votes – girlfriend have helped make desires come true!

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MSW13 winner SweetSkyangel

Q: exactly how were the 30 nations with semi-finalists chosen?

A: The 30 nations with the most amount that MSW votes survived to the Semi-Finals, similar to in 2013.

Q: however how come my nation wasn’t chosen?

A: Of food we’d love to feature all the nations from throughout the Stardoll world, but with so many of them (over 200!), it merely wouldn’t it is in possible. If your nation doesn’t have any type of semi-finalists, it method that there were not enough MSW votes cast in her country.

Q: Why didn’t friend tell me that my nation wouldn’t have any semi-finalists?

A: because the 30 top nations were preferred after all the first round votes to be counted, the would have been impossible to predict which nations were going through.

Q: Why didn’t ns make it come the semi-finals? I understand I got enough votes!

A: The semi-finalists to be all favored for having the most votes, and also for complying with the MSW14 rules (which you have the right to read ~ above the challenge page). Remember that also though someone claims they voted for you, there’s no guarantee the they in reality did. If girlfriend didn’t make it to the semi-finals, it method that you didn’t have actually as many votes as the peak 20 in your country. Far better luck following year!

Q: yet what around the other countries? last year there were “continent queens”.

A: This year we wanted to make the competition as fair as possible and to avoid cheating. That’s why it’s not feasible to vote for the nations or continents which aren’t in the top 30.

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MSW13 winner SweetSkyangel’s Suite

Thank girlfriend so much to anyone who gained in touch v suggestions and feedback. Us take everything you say into consideration and we’re constantly working difficult to keep enhancing Stardoll and also MSW. 


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It’s time for an additional edition of inspirational MSW Suites!


Elena_Giibert’s Suite is complete of sparkle, and the production she is wearing is simply fantastic!


Pinklovelemons keeps it simple but elegant v this stunning dress and atmospheric backdrop.


OdetAngel has actually a dreamy MSW room, complete with a beautiful peacock to complement her gorgeous dress!


Candyapple1212 has created an entire fashion show. Us love the method her red dress pops against the background!


Silverdready walks the red carpet in this exceptional DIY outfit!


sdoreymenano’s contemporary look functions well v this adorable, sparkling dress from the MSW store!


popotje’s dress is make from flowing sheer fabric, and also is beautifully unique! we love her take on this year’s MSW colors!

If you’d prefer your MSW Suite to it is in featured next week, leaving a comment v your username and the layout of her Suite, and also you might just be one of the lucky ones!