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A if back, we talked around how the average variety of pages in every gigabyte is about 50,000 come 75,000 pages and that each gigabyte effectively culled out can save $18,750 in review costs.  But, walk you understand just just how widely the number of pages every gigabyte deserve to vary?

The “how many pages” question comes up a lot and I’ve seen a variety of answers.  Michael Recker of used Discovery posted an post to their blog critical week titled Just How large Is a Gigabyte?, which offers some perspective based on the types of files had within the gigabyte, together follows:

“For example, e-mail files commonly average 100,099 pages per gigabyte, if Microsoft indigenous files commonly average 64,782 pages per gigabyte. Message files, top top average, consists a lining 677,963 pages per gigabyte. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the mean gigabyte of images contains 15,477 pages; the average gigabyte of PowerPoint slides commonly includes 17,552 pages.”

Of course, every GB the data is rarely just one form of file.  many emails encompass attachments, which deserve to be in any of a number of different file formats.  collection of documents from difficult drives may include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF and also other document formats.  So, estimating page counts with any degree the precision is somewhat difficult.

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In fact, the same exact content porting into different applications have the right to be a various size in each file, as result of the overhead forced by every application.  To highlight this, I decided to command a small (admittedly unscientific) examine using yesterday’s one web page blog post around the Apple/Samsung litigation.  I chose to placed the contents from the page into several different record formats come illustrate how much the size deserve to vary, even when the content is essentially the same.  below are the results:

Text document Format (TXT): produced by performing a “Save As” on the internet page for the blog post to message – 10 KB;HyperText Markup Language (HTML): created by performing a “Save As” top top the web page because that the blog short article to HTML – 36 KB, end 3.5 times larger than the message file;Microsoft Excel 2010 format (XLSX): produced by copy the components of the blog post and also pasting it right into a blank Excel workbook – 128 KB, nearly 13 times bigger than the text file;Microsoft word 2010 format (DOCX): created by copying the components of the blog post and also pasting it right into a empty Word file – 162 KB, over 16 times larger than the text file;Adobe PDF style (PDF): developed by printing the blog write-up to PDF record using the CutePDF printer driver – 211 KB, over 21 times larger than the text file;Microsoft Outlook 2010 Message style (MSG): produced by copying the components of the blog post and pasting it into a blank Outlook message, then sending that blog post to myself, then conserving the article out come my difficult drive – 221 KB, end 22 times larger than the message file.

The Outlook example was more than likely the least representative of a usual email – most emails don’t have actually several embedded graphics in castle (with the exemption of signature logos) – and most are frequently much shorter than yesterday’s blog article (which additionally included the side message on the web page as I duplicated that too).  Still, the example hopefully illustrates the a “page”, even with the same exact content, will certainly be different sizes in different applications.  together a result, to calculation the number of pages in a repertoire with any type of degree the accuracy, it’s not only crucial to understand the dimension of the data collection, but additionally the makeup of the collection as well.

So, what execute you think?  was this example useful or highly flawed?  Or both?  you re welcome share any comments you could have or if you’d favor to know more about a particular topic.

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