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An object have the right to have a curved surface all approximately it. Together objects have only one surface ar throughout. Instances of objects v the curved surface ar all approximately are spheres.

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Real life examples that the objects v curved surface throughout are balls, globe, eggs, pipes, domes, etc





There space 3D shapes that consist of only level surfaces. For example, a cube, cuboid, pyramid and prism room all 3D forms that are comprised of level surfaces. Their surfaces room squares, rectangles, triangles and also parallelograms. Nobody of them has a bent surface. The non-examples of 3D shapes with the curved surface room cubes, cuboids, pyramids, prisms, bricks, etc.





3D forms such together cones and cylinders have actually a bent surface and flat surfaces.


A cylinder has actually 2 flat surfaces and also one bent surface.


A cone has actually one level surface and also a bent surface.

Examples of the objects through curved and also flat surfaces space drums, cans, cones, etc





There room objects that can have 2 different curved surfaces. The given image mirrors a check tube with a curved surface (wall: cylindrical) and a curved surface ar for the basic (spherical) too.


Fun Facts

Multiple one stacked together kind a bent surface.

Any allude on a curved surface ar is equidistant from its centre and also this distance is dubbed the radius.

A flat surface deserve to be rolling to type a bent surface, and if you open a roll, you can get a flat surface.

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