Calculator for converting yogurt amounts between weight and volume identical measurements. From cups of yogurt into grams, ounces, pounds, litres, kilograms.

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cup that yogurt - UScup the yogurt - Metricgram - gdekagram - dkg - dagkilogram - kgounce - oz the yogurtpound - lbfluid ounce - fl ozliter - Lgallon - galtablespoon - tbspteaspoon - tspkilocalories - kcalkilojoules - kJprotein in yogurtfat - lipidscarbohydrates - total

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cup of yogurt - UScup of yogurt - Metricgram - gdekagram - dkg - dagkilogram - kgounce - oz the yogurtpound - lbfluid ounce - fl ozliter - Lgallon - galtablespoon - tbspteaspoon - tspkilocalories - kcalkilojoules - kJprotein in yogurtfat - lipidscarbohydrates - total

This automatic plain yogurt (whole milk) load versus volume counter calculator lets you instantly transform measurements the yogurt from cup (US and Metric), grams g, ounces oz, pounds lb, tablespoons tbsp, kilograms kg, fluid ounces fl oz, gallons - gal, teaspoons tsp and also from/to dekagrams dag or dkg quantities into scale needed. Uncover yogurt nutrients information listed in graph table.You may go into whole numbers, decimal or fountain ie: 8, 25.33, 14 2/3

Yogurt - plain

Yogurt volume vs. Weight conversions

yogurt volume weight chart:
Unit measureCupGramOuncePound
cup US1245g8.64 oz0.54 lb
cup International1.06258.89g9.13 oz0.57 lb
liter4.231,035.55g36.53 oz2.28 lb
fluid ounce0.1330.63g1.08 oz0.07 lb
tablespoon0.0615.31g0.54 oz0.03 lb
teaspoon0.025.1g0.18 oz0.011 lb
yogurt volume load chart:
Unit measureKilogramTablespoonTeaspoon
cup US0.25Kg1648
cup International0.26Kg16.9150.72
fluid ounce0.03Kg26

A level yogurts are very often dubbed simply white yogurts for the white is the natural color of milk.

Convert cups of yogurt into grams g, ounces oz and also tablespoons.
yogurt tantamount measurements
Cups USGramsOuncesTablespoons
⅛ cup the yogurt30.625 gram1.08 ounce2 tbl.sp
¼ cup of yogurt61.25 gram2.16 ounce4 tbl.sp
⅓ cup the yogurt81.667 gram2.88 ounce5 ⅓ tbl.sp
⅜ cup that yogurt91.9 gram3.2 ounce6 tbl.sp
½ cup that yogurt122.5 gram4.3 ounce8 tbl.sp
⅝ cup that yogurt153.12 gram5.4 ounce10 tbl.sp
⅔ cup that yogurt163.33 gram5.76 ounce10 ⅔ tbl.sp
¾ cup that yogurt183.75 gram6.48 ounce12 tbl.sp
⅞ cup the yogurt214.37 gram7.56 ounce14 tbl.sp
1 cup the yogurt245 gram8.64 ounce16 tbl.sp
What nutrients room in yogurt?

Plain white yogurt contains these nutrient worths ( each every 100g ) : power 61 kcal - kilocalories, Protein 3.47g, total fat (lipid) 3.25g, Carbohydrates complete 4.7g, street 4.66, diet fiber 0.0g, Calcium - Ca 121 mg, steel - Fe 0.05 mg, Magnesium - Mg 12 mg, Phosphorus - ns 95 mg, Potassium - K 155 mg, sodium - Na 46 mg, Zinc - Zn 0.59 mg, Vitamins; C 0.5 mg, B-6 0.032 mg, Folate 7 microgram, B-12 0.37 mcg, A 27 mcg, D 0.1 mcg, K 0.2 mcg, Thiamin 0.03mg, Riboflavin 0.14mg, Niacin 0.075mg. Fatty acids; saturated 2.1g, monounsaturated 0.89g, polyunsaturated 0.09g, Cholesterol 13mg.

an accurate measuring fixed of 1 cup that yogurt

Container of yogurt deserve to be convert into any type of other measure e.g. Ounces - grams - kilograms - pounds of yogurt amounts to how plenty of cups or liters? usage the plain yogurt converter over for the yogurt conversion answers. One type of dairy is more suitable climate the various other dairy product, that uses to yogurts as well. Thus converters because that the yogurt native goat milk, coconut yogurt, yogurt from lamb milk and also Greek yogurt to be made available in disposition. I would appreciate come hear yogurts related comments from some dairy farmers who know well exactly how to make a top quality yogurt.

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