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If girlfriend ‘ve ever bought one of those spiral-sliced hams, girlfriend know how easy and great they are. The slices come off so nicely—well, up to a point. Climate the point starts spring pitiful.

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There’s a most meat left ~ above there, you’re thinking. But how execute you usage it?

What would certainly Grandma do? She’d make soup the end of it. Fer Sure. And also what goes through ham? Beans!

Now, when the Damsel has talked come people around using and rotating your food storage, she has actually noticed there is a good Fear the Beans out there. Bean fear stalks the land. Dry beans don’t look, smell, or taste prefer food. Lock don’t also sound prefer food. And also the usual methods for transforming those hard small lumps into something edible are time-consuming. She has seen grown females tremble in ~ the thought of having actually to live on dry beans.

So we’ll take it a baby action toward conquering our bean Fear. The answer: break-up Pea Soup. Break-up peas space great, because you deserve to eat castle the very same day the you take them the end of her cupboard. You deserve to be eating them only 2-3 hrs later.

Split peas and also ham are favor Raggedy Ann and Andy. They walk together. And also if you have actually tried split pea soup in the past and also thought it to be nasty environment-friendly paste and no thank you, try it again made through a meaty hambone.

Grandma knew the making soup out of bones to be not just a method to use what she had and not be wasteful, however that it would make her soup taste a quantum leap much better than soup made without a bone.

Okay so maybe she wouldn’t have actually thought “quantum leap.” however you gain the idea.

Split peas are a humble little food. They store well (like forever) and they’re cheap. So if you’re afraid of beans, come along. The Damsel will host your hand.


The Damsel measure up these, just to discover out how plenty of cups of break-up peas are in a pound. This is 2 pounds of peas, measuring simply over 4 cups. Therefore Grandma’s speak holds true in this case:

“A pint’s a pound, the world around.” Repeat 3 times or till it’s shed into your memory.

If you recall that a pint = 2 cups, you’ll understand there space 4 cup of peas in a 2 lb. Bag without having to measure. Or convert another recipe that calls because that pounds rather of cups. Or the other means around.

Useful small saying. It doesn’t job-related for everything but it’s a great rule the thumb.


Here’s what we’ll use. Just this, plus the raggedy ham bone. Pull off all the bits that ham you have the right to and collection aside. If there room any huge bits, chop them till you have roughly bite dimension pieces the ham. Don’t concern if you leave part behind. The will add flavor come the soup.

Chop the onions and carrots into bite size pieces too. Rinse the split peas and also pick out any kind of stray bits the gravel or weird stuff you can see.


Put 4 quarts that water in a huge pot. (You can decrease the water a cup or 2 for a more thick consistency)

Now here’s the beautiful part. Don’t you love it once the recipe says “combine all ingredients?” put the hambone in, and then recording in the ham pieces, separation peas, onions, and carrots.

You’re thinking this looks weird. But this will certainly turn right into food! have faith!Put in part salt. Don’t it is in shy. The ham will add saltiness however yes, salt.


Put the lid on and let this simmer around two hours. This is a really low maintenance soup.

Over the 2 hours, the break-up peas absorb water and also everything gets yes, really friendly in the pot. Once the carrots and also onions space soft and the peas have actually no bite left to them, it’s done. Simply take the weird hambone out and save for her favorite canine.


Note: Carrots are optional in this soup. The Damsel’s mom constantly put lock in to add color and also nutrition, and also often scooped castle out as soon as they were done, combined them up, and poured them ago in. You can do that. Or you have the right to just leaving them. It’s an excellent either way.

Some people, especially the sprog type, will be fear of this soup in ~ first–maybe because of the color. If girlfriend can gain past that, it’s really delicious. Specifically with many pepper. Yes. Pepper. Yessssss.

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While eating this you’ll feeling smart, thrifty, and healthy. How countless foods have so much to give?


The Damsel in Dis dress is your teacher because that today. She qualifications room that she is "old."Old school is wherein you obtain to learn about some old skills and various other thingies that Grandma offered to know like the ago of her age-spotted hand. Why would certainly you want to learn old stuff? two reasons. 1. Last time the Damsel checked, the economic situation was still tanking. Some points you"ll discover in Old school will aid save money. 2. Various other things will help you be more self-reliant. You"ll learn exactly how to do things that Grandma supplied to perform all the time, yet people have forgotten.But why, Damsel? Why? since the day might come that we"ll require those skills, and it"s component of being prepared. Plus, the Damsel thinks it"s quite to keep those an abilities from gift lost.

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