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Jim Harbaugh is among the many recognizable university footballcoaches in the game. Once he’s not eating his boogers or getting drilled by errant passes, the university of Michigan Wolverines head coach is parading khaki pants ~ above the sideline and also coaching UM come lackluster seasons and butt-whoopings come Ohio State.

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The male who when slept end at a recruit’s home (it worked) and also broke the end a cartwheel in a recruit’s video clip is absolutely the man for the task in Ann Arbor. Harbaugh played at Michigan in the 1980s, as soon as he winner the 1986 huge Ten Most an important Player Award, famously guaranteed a success over the Buckeyes, and left as Michigan football’s all-time pass yards leader.

After play in the nationwide Football league for much more than a decade, the turned come coaching. Harbaugh, the son of Jack Harbaugh, started an assistant with the Oakland Raiders and has been around football due to the fact that his early on life. That went on to coach the Colin Kaepernick-led mountain Francisco 49ers come a Super key matchup versus brother john Harbaugh’s Baltimore Ravens in the Harbaugh family matchup and infamous “blackout game.

Since acquisition over together head football coach in Ann Arbor in 2015, Harbaugh’s Wolverines haven’t precisely lived up to the sky-high playoff expectations that accompanied his arrival. However there’s no doubt the male with an estimated net worth the $35 million has actually been the head the the school’s an initial family since stepping foot inside The huge House AKA Michigan Stadium.

So, who’s his an initial lady?

Who Is Jim Harbaugh’s WifeSarah Harbaugh?

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James Joseph Harbaugh is right now married to sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh. She’s native Kansas City, Missouri, and also is at this time 42 year old. That’s 15 years younger 보다 her husband Jim, that is 57.

Sarah originates from a substantial family and is the critical of 11 children. She was required to resolve death throughout she younger years. Once she to be 10, she “adopted” father Darryl passed away in a airplane crash. Twelve years later, her brother died of cancer.


“This was devastating for me. Us were constantly together; everyone believed we to be twins because we to be the exact same size and so nearby in age. We had big plans for our future, he and also I,” she told The Brick Magazine.

When she’s not looking after your children, she’s part of their charitable outreach. In might 2020, the Harbaughs donated $100,000 come United means for Southeastern Michigan to support its coronavirus pandemic and also COVID-19 Community an answer Fund. They’ve additionally done lot of of an excellent for the Jim Harbaugh Foundation, which has actually helped sick youngsters throughout Southeastern Michigan. The 2 of them serve as co-chairs of the Victors for Michigan National campaign Leadership Council for Mott and Von Voigtlander Hospital.

They Met in ~ a Chinese Food Restaurant

Wouldn’t have actually guessed that, would you?

Jim met his second wifeSarah for the an initial time in the strangest take-out experience ever. He apparently came across his blonde-haired future wife in the parking lot of a P.F Chang’s in las Vegas in 2006 once he to be head coach at the university of san Diego and also in town for a coaches’ convention. The California-based coach then proceeded to speak to her too numerous times.

?Sarah was there gaining take-out ? i went as much as her and asked if I might meet her. So, she said, ?Sure friend can satisfy me.? ns didn?t think her, at first. I assumed it was one of those fake numbers she was providing me. Yet I called her. Lot of times. Like, ripe times prior to she reverted my call.?

Jim and also Sarah Harbaugh have actually four kids together, and he has actually three more from a vault marriage. They have actually two girls, Addison and Katherine, and two boys, Jack and also John.

In 2017, Jack went famous after cameras recorded him crying in the stands complying with Wisconsin’s at an early stage touchdown versus Michigan. His father’s team went on to shed the game, 24-10, and he ended up being a viral sensation.

Sarah then jumped on Twitter to safeguard her son against jokes and also harassment, and also she said she was booted turn off the society media app because the it.

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“That day, a component of me came out that i hadn?t checked out before. It?s one point to say things about Jim, the team or the players. They?re adults. However I wasn?t ready to just sit by and let people say something around our kid. Ns didn?t usage profanity or anything favor that, yet I gave back everything castle dished out,” she called The Brick Magazine.