To transform a cubic centimeter measurement to a gallon measurement, main point the volume by the conversion ratio.

since one cubic centimeter is equal to 0.000264 gallons, you can use this simple formula to convert:

Cubic centimeters and also gallons room both units offered to measure up volume. Keep analysis to learn much more about each unit of measure.

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Cubic Centimeters

The cubic centimeter is a unit the is equal to the volume of a cube v one centimeter sides. One cubic centimeter is equal to about 0.061 cubic inches.<1>

The cubic centimeter, or cubic centimetre, is a many of the cubic meter, which is the SI derived unit for volume. In the metric system, "centi" is the prefix because that 10-2. Cubic centimeters deserve to be abbreviated as cm³, and also are likewise sometimes abbreviated together cu cm, cc, or ccm. Because that example, 1 cubic centimeter deserve to be created as 1 cm³, 1 cu cm, 1 cc, or 1 ccm.


The united state liquid gallon is a unit of liquid volume same to 4 quarts, eight pints, or 16 cups.

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<2> The us liquid gallon should not be puzzled with the us dry gallon or the royal gallon, i beg your pardon are various units the measure.

The gallon is a united state customary unit of volume. Gallons have the right to be abbreviated as gal; for example, 1 gallon can be created as 1 gal.

Cubic Centimeter come Gallon counter Table

Cubic centimeter measurements converted to gallons Cubic Centimeters Gallons
1 cm³ 0.000264 gal
2 cm³ 0.000528 gal
3 cm³ 0.000793 gal
4 cm³ 0.001057 gal
5 cm³ 0.001321 gal
6 cm³ 0.001585 gal
7 cm³ 0.001849 gal
8 cm³ 0.002113 gal
9 cm³ 0.002378 gal
10 cm³ 0.002642 gal
20 cm³ 0.005283 gal
30 cm³ 0.007925 gal
40 cm³ 0.010567 gal
50 cm³ 0.013209 gal
60 cm³ 0.01585 gal
70 cm³ 0.018492 gal
80 cm³ 0.021134 gal
90 cm³ 0.023775 gal
100 cm³ 0.026417 gal
200 cm³ 0.052834 gal
300 cm³ 0.079252 gal
400 cm³ 0.105669 gal
500 cm³ 0.132086 gal
600 cm³ 0.158503 gal
700 cm³ 0.18492 gal
800 cm³ 0.211338 gal
900 cm³ 0.237755 gal
1,000 cm³ 0.264172 gal
2,000 cm³ 0.528344 gal
3,000 cm³ 0.792516 gal
4,000 cm³ 1.0567 gal
5,000 cm³ 1.3209 gal
6,000 cm³ 1.585 gal
7,000 cm³ 1.8492 gal
8,000 cm³ 2.1134 gal
9,000 cm³ 2.3775 gal
10,000 cm³ 2.6417 gal


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