Let’s take it a look at the dotted fifty percent note (also known as a dotted minim). This note has an oval note head, a stem and also a dot. The period goes to the appropriate of the keep in mind head in the middle, whether the stem is going up or down.

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A dotted noted is really an easy to understand. A period after a keep in mind simply rises the expression of the straightforward note by half of its original value. That is equivalent to writing the straightforward note tied to a keep in mind of half its value. There room various species of dotted notes, including dotted entirety notes and dotted 4 minutes 1 notes. Any kind of note deserve to be dotted and as a an outcome have that value enhanced by half its original duration.

You very first of all require to know the duration of the initial note. Ahalf note lasts for 2 beats. So how plenty of beats would certainly a dotted fifty percent note critical for? The answer is 3 beats. 2 to win plus half the value of 2 to win (1 beat). 2 beats add to 1 beat equates to 3 beats. It method that when you come throughout a dotted 1/2 note, you need to count 3 beats. Host the keep in mind for its own length, plus half of its initial length.

You can think that a dotted fifty percent note as equal come the length of one fifty percent note tied come a quarter note, or as 3 quarter note tied together.


In various other words, a half note = 2 win in 4/4 time. Half of that size = 1 beat. 2 win + 1 to win = 3 beats. Counting 1-2 for a half note, and 1-2-3 for a dotted 1/2 note (dotted minim). 


Dotted half Note in 3/4 Time

Here’s the dotted 1/2 note in a 3/4 time signature. 


A 3/4 time signature way that there space 3 to win in a measure. In the very first measure, there room three 4 minutes 1 notes. Each note lasts because that one beat. In the second measure, we play the keep in mind on win one and hold it down for three beats. Try this on her piano.

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A dotted half note has the exact same time value as a dotted half rest. A fifty percent rest lasts for two beats when a dotted fifty percent rest lasts because that 3 beats. As soon as you come across a dotted fifty percent rest ~ above a musical piece, it way that you shouldn’t beat anything for 3 beats.