5 x 230 = 1150 or 1.15 The printer volume/hour is: 40 x 60 = 2400The printing time: 100,000 pages every month / 2400 per hour = ~41 hours

Now fine make one more calculation. Let’s say the your HP press is top top standby mode around 70% that the time when it is not printing. The other thing is the your HP press is in sleep setting for about 30% that the time once it is not printing.

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By this calculation, we’ll get that your HP press is ~ above standby mode for:

720 h – 41 h x 70% = 475.3

In instance that your HP press is in sleep setting for:

720 h – 41 h x 30% = 203.7

Now we have some numbers the can help us identify the real power consumption of this printer in both modes. The last point we have left is to main point the hours when the printer was working for every mode.

Power intake of HP press while printing:

41 x 1.15 = 47.15 475.3 x 0.02 = 9.5 203.7 x 0.018 = 3.66

Now by using these number you deserve to easily add up these 3 values and have the complete HP LaserJet printer strength consumption. We have the right to see the the total worth is 60.31 kWh. If we use this number with the median price that 0.13 cent per kWh in the US, then we’ll acquire the $7.84 every year. This is the price that prices you to store your press running.

Here is the complimentary Printer Power consumption Calculator the you can also use to obtain fast and accurate results.

Inkjet printer vs Laser Printer: Power consumption Comparison

An average inkjet printer that is draft for house use consumes in between 30 to 50 watt in to press mode, if the laser press consumes anywhere in between 300 come 550 watts. During the standby mode, the inkjet printer consumes 3 come 5 watts, while the laser printer consumes about 10 watts. In the table listed below you can see the main difference in strength consumption in between home printers and business (office) printers.

Printer TypeHome Printers Business (Office) Printers
Inkjet Printer30 come 50 watts300 to 500 watts
Laser Printer300 come 550 wattsUp to 1000 watts

Most printers come through a label that is located at the bottom or the back of the device, whereby you can quickly read the power intake of the printer. The electrical ratings will be in most cases stamped in regards to Watts (W) or by Voltage (V) and also Amperage (A).

By making use of the formula bellow you deserve to determine the printer power consumption:

Watts (W) = Volts (V) x Amps (A)

I walk a test, where I measured the power intake of laser press in different modes. Here are the results:

While print an electronic document, the printer spend 42 watts.When copying a document, the printer consumed 15 watts.When scanning documents, the printer supplied 6.6 watts.The printer consumed 5 watts while waiting for a print queue in a ready state.The printer linked to the network, however with the switch off, the power intake was 4.8 W.

For those who want to understand more, right here you can read how Much power (Watts) does a monitor Use.

How much Power company (Office) Printers Consume?


Printer models that room designed for business (office) purposes are much more powerful unlike residence models and therefore lock consume a lot an ext power. They have the right to perform many jobs and also have much higher speed, i m sorry is crucial factor if it is provided for service purposes.

When it comes to organization printers, laser models are most generally used (although inkjet printers are also used). A laser printer that is design for service purposes deserve to consume up to 1000 watt in print mode, when the inkjet press for organization purposes deserve to consume in between 300 come 500 watts of power. During standby mode, the inkjet press that is used in a organization class consumes 30 come 50 watts, when the laser press consumes about 100 watts.

How come Accurately measure up the Power intake of a Printer?


The power consumption of any electrical an equipment just choose a printer is measured in regards to kilowatts every hour (kWh). Together the printer has several modes, it is essential to measure up the energy intake in each setting separately. The finest tool because that this is a ‘Kill A Watt Meter’. By using this an equipment you can precisely measure the power intake of any kind of printer.

Most printers have ‘Printing Mode’, ‘Standby Mode’, and also the ‘Sleep Mode’. Throughout the to press mode, the printer consumes the most power, so the is important to do the measurement independently in every 3 modes. I have used the death A Watt Meter, and I deserve to say the the results are quite accurate, and also if you carry out not have this an equipment you can obtain it right here on Amazon, at very affordable prices.

What affects The Power usage of a Printer?

It should be listed that the power intake of a press is straight dependent top top the technology of the operation, brand, as well as printer mode. In general, in order come determine just how much the device will consume electric energy, it is vital to examine its data. Each printer model has actually its own distinctive power. In many cases, this parameter is suggested on a special details sticker (label), which is situated at the bottom that the device itself.

Printers that room plugged into the network, yet at the very same time space in standby mode, consume roughly 10 to 20 watt of electricity. However, the worth of exactly how much printers consume have the right to vary greatly depending upon the particular brand and also model of such a device. When again, it need to be listed that you deserve to determine the precise power the your press from the information that is easily accessible in the accuse attached come the device or on a sticker located on that surface.

Now that you’ve come this far, girlfriend can additionally check just how Much power Does a computer system Use in Sleep Mode.

Power intake of printer Per Hour (Watts)

The power consumption of the printer depends on the model, type, manufacturer, and also capabilities the the printer. In the table below you can see several of the popular models top top the market and their power consumption in both modes.

Printer TypeStandby setting Print mode
Economy inkjet 10/p ppm5 Watts22 Watts
**Economical duplex inkjet 10/6 ppm5 Watts25 Watts
Economical laser, 20 ppm B/W ***6 Watts300 Watts
Laser, 22 ppm B/W6 Watts500 Watts
Duplex Laser, 22 ppm B/W6 Watts500 Watts
Shared Laser 32 ppm A3 B/W145 Watts655 Watts
Shared Laser Duplex 32 ppm A3 B/W145 Watts655 Watts
Economical color Laser 16/4 ppm 600 dpi18 Watts300 Watts


Q: Which among Laser and Inkjet Printers Consume more Power?

A: Laser printers consume significantly an ext power compared to inkjet printers. Laser printers consume 300 come 500 watt in printing mode while inkjet printers consume 30 to 50 watt in printing mode.

Q: Why Laser Printers Consume more Power?

A: Laser printers require much much more power due to the fact that they need to heat up prior to they start printing. The temperature they should reach is around 200 degrees Celsius. For the reason, they need much much more power.

Q: Is It possible To minimize The Power intake of The Laser Printer?

A: You have the right to reduce the power usage of the laser press by printing much more pages in a single batch. This means the printer will certainly need much less power to warmth up your laser and also can print frequently.

Q: How deserve to You mitigate the Printer strength Cost?

A: Best means to reduce the press power price is to revolve it off while the printer is no in use.

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Final Thoughts

Almost every among us in the family members has at least one press that is crucial for occupational or an individual needs. Although us don’t constantly use it often, it’s good to know just how much power it spend in standby mode and how much during printing. It is why in this write-up we have defined the power intake of the press in every modes and what influence it. What you could see is the laser printers consume practically 10x times much more power than inkjet printers, since they require to warmth up prior to they begin printing. Ns hope that you learned something new in this article and also that assisted you.