How have the right to you sail in a day, relies on a couple of various conditions? However, these room rough numbers, however they will provide you a basic sense of what you must expect.

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– Downwind run: 100 NM– lengthy passages: 80 NM– quick passage: 60 NM– Engine use: 130 NM– big yachts (over 60′) in great conditions: 140 NM


If you want to know exactly how long walk it require to travel 50 mile by boat, you need to recognize that 1 NM is roughly 1.15 miles. That is 1.85 kilometres.

Passages of many days allow you come sail all the time. This boosts the mean distance per day. Much shorter Passages have tendency to result in lower averages. However, if you usage the engine, you have the right to increase your sailing distance by 20%-40%. Bigger yachts deserve to cover as much as 50% much more distance in one day. This is because of your length. So, how far by a watercraft can girlfriend travel and what is the mean speed from various vessels?


The mean speed that sailboat (under 32′) cruises at around 5 knots.A knot is the variety of NM every hour, therefore it’s hard to identify the distance.5 knots equal to 5 nautical miles every hour. If girlfriend sail for 24 hours, that way you cover approximately 120 NM and also if you use the tides and sail for 8 hours, you cover approximately 40 NM.

The average mid-sized sailboat (32′ – 48′) cruises at about 6 knots.If you sail because that 24 hours, girlfriend cover on median 144 knots, however if girlfriend sail for 8 hours, friend cover approximately 50 NM.

The average huge yachts (which are over 50’) cruise at about 7.5 knotsYou will cover roughly 180 NM if you sail for 24 hours, yet if you sail for 8 hours, you will cover 60 NM roughly.

Factors That influence the mean Sailing Distance

Knowing that your average sailing length depends top top your speed will help you recognize how much you deserve to travel by boat. There space a few most important components that affect your vessel’s rate you must take into consideration.

1. Boat’s hull length

The size of the watercraft is straight related to the cruising speed. So, the longer the boat, the quicker it goes. Normally, the complying with hull size cruise at around these speeds:

– 24’ – 5 knots– 32’ – 5.5 knots– 40’ – 6.5 knots– 48’ – 7 knots– 54’ – 7.5 knots

2. The hull type

Multihulls are much faster than monohulls because they displace a lot much less water. V high speeds, they lift out of the water and start planing.

3. Problems of the wind

Sure that un upwind tack is much slower 보다 a downwind run. Picking the best course is crucial for the an excellent average speed of the sailboat.

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4. Motor

If you usage the engine every time you find yourself in light air, it will certainly be a lot simpler for girlfriend to get a 5+ knot rate average. If you usage the engine, you will boost the typical sailing distance lot more.