Pet portraits take it the longest by far (and are usually the most intricate and also stressful) due to the fact that they HAVE come look prefer a particular person’s beloved pet. Civilization who commission pet portraits room paying me to repaint THEIR pet, not some poodle that looks kind of prefer Fluffy. The colors, markings, and also expressions have to be clues on, and also that take away time. Depending upon the size, a pets portrait deserve to take anywhere between 8 and 25 hours. 

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Elephants: 7″x10″. Around 18 hours to complete.


Hawk: 6″x8″. Roughly 7 hours to complete.

My wild animal paintings have the right to take simply as long, yet are much much less stressful come create. It’s it s okay if the duck I paint doesn’t look precisely like the picture I’m referencing, and also it’s okay if the markings on the giraffe room not exact. Nobody will recognize the difference as lengthy as the painting looks good as a whole. (See how I’m not mirroring you the snapshot I functioned from because that these paintings? That’s because it doesn’t matter!) In fact, I usually take a an excellent bit of an innovative license with these paintings. It renders it fun and also enjoyable. Over all though, I’ve uncovered that birds, amphibians and reptiles take a much shorter amount the time to repaint than mammals. As soon as you paint hair by hair, it becomes tedious and incredibly time consuming! 

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Yellow Dart Frog: 4″x6″. About 6 hrs to complete.

To answer the question, it’s really rare the I work-related on a painting for more than four or 5 sittings (at least 3 hrs per sitting, often more). I obtain bored very quickly, and also besides the evident physical challenge, this is component of the factor I choose to occupational no bigger than 9″x12″. I don’t favor to leave a painting unfinished for much more than a pair of mainly (because I’m neurotic prefer that), so functioning bigger throw me off. 

If girlfriend have another question about me and/or my arts that you’d choose me come answer in my blog, you re welcome don’t hesitate to call me and let me know! ns love acquiring to recognize you guys and also want girlfriend to gain to recognize me too!