Somebody asked around it on the Dexter, and I'm curious to recognize the answer (nobody there seems to know).

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In the show, Dexter kills civilization by stabbing them directly in the love with fairly a large blade (pictured) and also quite deeply. They inhale or breath sharply, your eyes roll back, and also they're dead within 5 seconds.

Medical students, exactly how realistic is that? would it, as one person suggested, instantly reduce the blood flow to the head and also cause a human being to happen out prior to they recognize what's struggle them? I just assumed that it would take a minute or more, and also that that was accelerated on TV to minimize the impact and goriness of that all.


You'd shed consciousness from shock in ~ the an initial 15 seconds and you'd be brain dead in ~ 3-5 minutes. Final fatality (ruled by a coroner) would certainly come in ~ 8 likely.

The reports native Steve Irwin's fatality was pretty much like that. He traction the barb out of his chest and also pretty much lost consciousness through in seconds.

"It shows that Steve came over the top of the ray and the tail came up, and also spiked him below (in the chest), and also he traction it out and the following minute he's gone," Stainton said reporters in Cairns, where Irwin's body to be taken for an autopsy.

I think it would certainly take at least a minute or so prior to they would shed consciousness. Lock could additionally still live after gift stabbed with the heart.

I'm no med student, yet the an initial thing that would happen is likely boosting dull pain in ~ the lack of blood gaining to every muscle (think choose running too hard for too long), followed by a general loss of sight (need blood to see), and then hearing.

Your chest would certainly tighten up together your diaphragm came to be unable come cope with the absence of blood, and also you'd unexpectedly feel very squeezed inside and also helplessly out-of-control as your lung cannot move.

Things black out together the blood stops moving oxygen to your head. Your thoughts become hazy and disjoint. Climate you pass out. Then you die.

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This counts on a couple of things. Very first what dimension the weapon is and second where in the love it is hurry into. Generally any type of puncture the the right ventricle or significant veins/artieries an outcome in tamponade (the heart pericardium-sac fills with blood and also stops the love from broadening to to fill itself) and a very quick death. If the weapon is left in, there room a few minutes the life possible. Currently if the weapon punctures the left ventricle a person can live because that a when longer because the wall of the left next is thicker and also tends to seal chin after being stabbed. If the hole/puncture is large enough to weaken the pericardium and the heart then person usually bleeds the end - to death - rapid or slow depending upon the dimension of the hole and also if the weapon is left in or removed. If you room lucky sufficient to make it through the first few seconds - DON'T eliminate THE WEAPON - speak to 911, sit up right so friend don't undo in your own blood and you might have a chance to do it to surgical procedure to repair the heart and also live. Traction the weapon out and also death is practically always the outcome. Simple answer is friend have in between a couple seconds to around a fifty percent hour after you space stabbed to live.