If you lost power, left the door open up by mistake, or are plugging in a brand-new freezer for the first time, you can be wondering:

How long does the take because that a freezer to gain cold?

Freezers take an median of four hours to reach the FDA-recommended temperature the 0°F (-18°C). On average, upright freezers take four hours and also twenty minutes to obtain cold, chest freezers take four hours and also fifty-five minutes, and also freezer-refrigerator combos take twelve hours.

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These room averages, but the actual freezing time varies substantially by model and ranges from two to 24 hours.

In the following sections, i share with you the actual cooling times across different freezer brands, types, and also sizes. I additionally explain the determinants that impact how long freezers require to cool and also how you can speed increase the process.

Let’s acquire started!

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Freezer Cooling time by Brand and Type

Below is a chart detailing the cooling time of famous freezers, including upright freezers, chest freezers, and also freezers attached to refrigerators.

BrandTypeCooling Time
FrigidaireUpright Freezer4 hours
GEUpright Freezer4 hours
KoolatronUpright Freezer2 to 3 hours
UniqueUpright Freezer4 hours
MaytagUpright Freezer6 to 8 hours
FrigidaireChest Freezer4 hours
GEChest Freezer4 hours
Magic ChefChest Freezer2 come 3 hours
HotpointChest Freezer6 to 8 hours
MaytagChest Freezer6 to 8 hours
LGFridge-Freezer Combo2 come 3 hours
WhirlpoolFridge-Freezer Combo24 hours
SamsungFridge-Freezer Combo2 hours
GEFridge-Freezer Combo24 hours
Magic ChefFridge-Freezer Combo4 hours

How to find the Cooling Time of your Freezer

If you’re wonder what the cooling time is for a particular freezer, here’s just how you can find it.

Google the Brand and also Model, design number, or serial number. Find your freezer on one of two people the manufacturer’s website or a trusted retailer’s website favor HomeDepot or Lowes.com.

Within the product listing, find the connect to the “Installation Guide” or “Product Manual.”

freezer installation overview on HomeDepot.com

Searching the record for “hour” enables you to uncover the details text in ~ the guide where it talks about cooling time. The overview may reference the hatchet “hour” in several various contexts, so friend may need to click through a few times to uncover the statement regarding cooling time.

If friend can’t find your particular model or the cooling time isn’t declared in the installation guide, contact the manufacturer’s customer company line.

Factors That impact Freezer Cooling Times

When installation a freezer, you might find that it’s not cooling within the manufacturer’s said time frame. Or perhaps you’re wonder why some freezers take much longer to cool than others. Below are the factors that influence freezer cooling time:

Size: The bigger the freezer, the much longer it might take come cool. For example, the Maytag freezer is 15.7 cubic feet and takes 6-8 hrs to cool, vice versa, the Koolatron is 3.1 cubic feet and also only take away 2-3 hrs to cool.

Stand-alone vs. Fridge/freezer combo: Stand-alone freezers normally take less time come cool. In general, stand-alone freezers cool about the 4-hour mark, whereas numerous freezer/fridge combos take as much as 24 hours.

Starting temperature: If the freezer to be transported in the ago of a warm truck top top its way to her house, or save on computer in a hot storage unit, it might take longer to reach 0°F because the starting air temperature in the freezer to be higher.

Temperature the the room: Installing your freezer in a warm room, such together a garage, pool house, or close to sunny windows, can increase the cooling period.

Age and condition: Older freezers are less efficient than more recent models, and also therefore, will take longer to cool. Also, if the freezer is in negative condition, it might not cool together fast. Because that example, dusty and also dirty coils, or a frosted-over evaporator coil deserve to slow down the cooling process. Freezers v faulty thermostats or evaporator pan motors, or leaky seal systems deserve to take much longer to cool.

Empty vs. Stocked: A freezer stocked v frozen foods helps store the freezer cool, making your freezer run an ext efficiently. Maintaining your freezer around 80% complete can aid stabilize the temperature, but don’t overstuff. Permitting enough air circulation helps keep foodstuffs frozen. Never add food till the freezer get the FDA safe temperature the 0°F (-18° C).

How regularly you open up the door: Keep the door closed while the freezer is chilling. The much more often you open it, the longer it will take to cool down.

How come Make your Freezer Cool down Faster

Here room some steps you have the right to take to help your freezer cool down quicker, or at least within the manufacturer’s proclaimed timeframe.

The finest thing you can do to advice cooling time is to store the freezer door closed. If the argued cooling time is 2-3 hours, wait 3 hours before opening the door.

Other points that can assist reduce cooling time include:


Cooling a freezer takes a far-ranging amount that electricity. For sure the voltage that the freezer matches the voltage on your outlet. Also, plug the freezer right into its own power outlet, not a power strip with various other appliances.

Room temperature

Wherever you download the freezer, ensure the the bordering air is at or listed below room temperature (68–72 °F). Transforming the air air conditioning on could help, but don’t expect it to make a large difference. If your freezer is in a room without air conditioning, like a garage or swimming pool house, examine the temperature to ensure the doesn’t exceed the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Ice cubes

Try putting ice cubes or an ice block right into the freezer after ~ it’s to be cooling because that a while. Try to minimize door opening as you perform this. Add frozen food ~ the encourage time frame to help the freezer preserve its chill.

When deserve to You Safely placed Food in the Freezer?

The FDA recommends maintaining your freezer in ~ 0°F. So, wait till your freezer reaches the temperature before adding food, especially if the food isn’t currently frozen solid.

How perform you understand when the freezer get 0°F?

Some freezers have actually a integrated digital regulate panel that screens the temperature, for this reason if you have one, make sure it’s functioning properly.

Otherwise, purchase an appliance thermometer (like this one top top Amazon) to keep tabs top top the temperature. Placed the thermometer in the freezer, near the door, wait 15 minutes, then inspect the temperature. If the temperature is 0°F, you’re good to go.

Even if her freezer has actually a built-in thermometer, i recommend to buy a separate one as a backup. They’re at sight cheap and provide a good backup if the built-in one malfunctions.

Suppose her freezer doesn’t have actually a built-in temperature display, and also you don’t buy a different appliance thermometer. In that case, you won’t recognize if your freezer is unexpectedly warming, possibly as result of a malfunction.

You deserve to also shot the ice cream cube test. To fill an ice cream cube tray with water, pop it in the freezer, and also when it freezes, you recognize it’s cold enough to store food.

Final Thoughts

On average, stand-alone freezers take around four hours to cool down. If you buy a fridge/freezer combo, the cooling time varies fairly a bit, but most models cool in about 12 hours. Constantly check the manufacturer’s guidance.

To aid your freezer cool under as conveniently as possible, keep the door shut. Other things that can aid include: maintaining the freezer in a room the isn’t as well hot, placing ice right into the freezer during cooling, and also ensuring the freezer is plugged right into the suitable outlet.

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Most importantly, it is in patient. No matter the brand or model, freezers take it time to obtain cold.