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A hot glue total is a critical tool because that hobbyists and also professionals alike. It allows you apply melted glue that have the right to bind to practically any material. The adhesive functions on plastic, wood, paper, metal, fabric, stone, you name it! if glue weapons were originally used for bonding shoe soles, their versatility has make them a popular tool for DIY projects, residence improvement, upholstery work and also arts & crafts.

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In this article I will teach you just how to acquire the finest results native your hot glue gun, and explain exactly how to usage it safely. Ns will additionally show which adhesive sticks are finest to use, so the you can produce long lasting bonds on practically any objects and materials.

Let’s dive in!

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1 What is a glue gun?
2 What is hot glue?
3 just how do glue guns work?
4 What species of warm glue space there?
5 What are the different species of glue guns?
6 What type of glue sticks space there?
7 how to use a warm glue total
8 generally asked questions
9 tips & safety advice
10 Conclusion

What is a glue gun?

A warm glue pistol is a handheld maker that lets you melt and apply hot melt adhesive. This adhesive come in the kind of solid sticks and is additionally simply known as hot glue. The sticks are fed in through the ago of the adhesive gun, conversely, the melted glue comes out with the nozzle in the front.

The benefit of hot glue weapons is that they are basic to use and that they let girlfriend create strong bonds in between many various materials, especially when provided with the right kind of glue stick.

There are a couple of important steps and also safety measures you have to keep in mental however. This article will describe them to you.


Some warm glue guns come v interchangeable nozzles. This let you control the shape and size that the warm glue bead. For various projects you can want come lay the hot glue under in various widths, or with an ext precision instead of much more flow.

Check valve

The greater quality nozzles come v a check valve. This is a valve the is inserted at the back of the nozzle. It avoids backflow from expanding hot glue the tries to relocate in the not correct direction.

What species of hot glue are there?

Hot glue have the right to be split into two main categories based upon their melting points; high temperature and low temperature glue. This two species are various in their melting temperatures, application and also the materials they deserve to be used to. The is important to use the right kind of hot glue for your projects.

High temperature

High temperature warm glue, as the name suggests, requirements a high operating temperature (starting in ~ 195 °C / 380 °F) to melt. Because of this, it is likewise known as hot melt. In stimulate to apply it, you need to use a high-temperature or high melt glue gun.

The higher melting temperature create better bonds than reduced temperatures, and also give a longer working time. This way you have more time to position your workpieces before the adhesive sets.

Another advantage when it comes to high temperature warm melt is that there is a more comprehensive range the adhesives you can pick from. Therefore if you must work through more complicated to glue products (like glass finish metal), high temp is the method to go.

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As because that downsides, the is more dangerous to occupational with 보다 low temperature warm melt. Both because that the user and for the product that is gift glued. Us humans can obtain serious burns indigenous molten high temperature glue, whereas fragile materials can finish up melting and deforming.

Works ideal for

Creating solid bonds. Due to the fact that of the high temperatures, this works finest with materials that can resist the heat. Some instances are:

WoodMetalPlastics, prefer polypropylene and also ABS.AcrylicsCardboardRecommended products