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Shot a doe last night top top Monday. The meat will certainly still it is in fine come Thursday for sure right? Can"t psychic the sanitation guidelines because that storing meat in a fridge...


Should be fine. Permit your sleep be your guide, specifically when friend start food preparation the venison. You will certainly know!
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If I death a deer in warmth weather I like to leave the meat in the cooler on ice cream or refrigerator for numerous days before cutting it up to let it cure and also bleed out before processing it.

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same here thats why ns figured it would certainly be

The vital (trick) come storing unprocessed wild in the fridge is maximizing wait contact and minimizing meat contact. Think it or not, freshly butchered meat keeps much better in the refrigerator if you allow air to get to the meat. The easiest method I"ve uncovered to carry out this is to fill buss tubs (meat lugs) v freshly boned out venison so the it"s only one class deep and none the the meat lays on chin or on other meat. Then I fill them into my garage refrigerator uncovered and also they"ll keep really well for up to two weeks if ns can"t obtain to them best away.I provided to placed my boned the end venison meat right into gallon zip lock bags and also then stored lock in the very same fridge. The meat would start discoloring and rotting inside the bags within just a pair days. Currently that i let the refrigerated air acquire to the meat, i never have actually spoiled meat. Then, I have actually plenty of time to acquire my grinder out and also finish up the processing.
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