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at 21 hours and also covering virtually 17,000 kilometers, a straight flight indigenous Sydney come London would certainly be the longest in the world.

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Travelling this far without a break is an attractive proposition for airlines. The technology’s ready to go, through manufacturers saying they’ve constructed planes qualified of the journey. And also Australia"s Qantas Airways has announced plans to paris the route, saying it would assist it contend with one-stop rivals, when charging a premium.

So the industry’s all set to require to the skies because that the best component of a day – yet are pilots and also passengers on board through the idea?

Last year, Qantas perfect the very first scheduled non-stop flight between Australia and the UK, flying 17 hours from Perth come London. Front of the flight, the airline partnered through researchers at the college of Sydney to design an in-flight setting that takes the edge turn off the long journey time.

They focused on everything from the menu and timing of the cabin service, come lighting and also temperature, in order to architecture an setting that would help alleviate jet lag and rise well-being.

But what about the crew? Ultra-long-haul flights require four pilots come share the workload. On-board bunks permit them to rest while their colleagues fly the plane. However it’s no without risks, particularly if pilots aren"t able to autumn asleep in-flight.

In January, the Australian Transportation safety Board released a examine in i m sorry 60% that long-haul pilots stated they feeling moderate- come severe exhaustion at the end of their many recent flight. Although pilots have the right to refuse to fly if they are tired, the report found most believed it would injury their careers to execute so.

The size of shifts could be a barrier, too. Australian pilots are limited to working a best of 20 hrs a day, consisting of pre- and also post-flight check on the ground. The Sydney-London path is meant to call for pilots to it is in on duty for approximately 23 hours.

And that takes points to “another level again”, follow to the association that represents Qantas pilots.

“The technological change is obviously there but the human physiological next hasn’t changed since the wright brothers flew,” note Sedgwick, head that The Australian and also International Pilots Association, freshly told Reuters.

“We really require to recognize the impacts on human being performance top top the trip deck of this ultra-long variety flights,” that added.

The union and also Australia"s aviation regulator room jointly sponsoring research study by Melbourne’s Monash university to screen sleep patterns of pilots flying the Perth-London route, which uses Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner plane.

Meanwhile, a union representing Qantas cabin crew has currently called for much longer rest periods in between flights top top the 17 hour Perth-London route, which they said involved on-duty periods of 19 hrs for the trip attendants aboard.

Ultra-long-haul crews ~ above Singapore airline - whose Singapore to brand-new York trip is at this time the world’s longest at nearly 18 hrs - incorporate two captains and two very first officers. Crews on Qantas’s Perth-London company include a captain, a an initial officer and also two 2nd officers no qualified to manage take-offs and landings.

The growing variety of longer, direct flights is part of a relocate away from using hub airports whereby passengers adjust planes to finish their journeys, or face stopovers if planes space refuelled.

Passenger reaction has actually been typically favourable. One traveller called tripadvsor.com of his London come Perth non-stop journey: "Loved this flight. Can"t was standing all the obtaining off, wandering aimlessly about an airplane in the middle of the night then having to go through security queues again prior to the next lengthy flight."

As fine as conserving time because that passengers, straight flights by more fuel-efficient jets room also much better for the environment.

The difficulty for the airlines is how to adopt the services of the latest modern technology while ensuring your pilots can stay awake.

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