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Old Siward is first mentioned in Shakespeare"s Macbeth in action 3, step 6. Lennox is speaking through a lord about transferring his allegiance from "the tyrant" Macbeth to Malcolm, the the son of the murdered King Duncan and the rightful heir come the throne.The mr tells Lennox the Macduff ...

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Old Siward is an initial mentioned in Shakespeare"s Macbeth in act 3, scene 6. Lennox is speaking v a lord about transferring his allegiance from "the tyrant" Macbeth come Malcolm, the the kid of the murdered King Duncan and also the rightful heir come the throne.The lord tells Lennox that Macduff has actually gone come England come enlist the English king"s aid against Macbeth, along with the assist of "Northumberland and warlike Siward" (2.6.32).

Malcolm later tells Macduff the "Old Siward, with ten thousands warlike men" has actually joined their cause (4.3.149). Not just is Old Siward "warlike," yet his ten thousand soldiers room "warlike" as well, i m sorry doesn"t bode well for Macbeth.

In action 5, scene 2, Menteith mentions the Siward is Malcolm"s uncle. Lennox claims that Siward"s son is through him as component of his army and that this will be Young Siward"s an initial battle.

In action 5, scene 4, Young Siward is through his father when Malcolm"s military approaches Birnam Wood, and also Malcolm offers an order to his soldiers that will strike fear in Macbeth"s heart:

MALCOLM. Let every soldier hew him down a bough,And bear"t before him: in order to shall us shadowThe numbers of our host, and also make discoveryErr in report that us. (5.4.6-9)

In action 5, step 6, Malcolm"s army, camouflaged come resemble Birnam Wood, reaches Dunsinane castle. Malcolm assignment his army to throw down the branches the they had actually been making use of to camouflage themselves. That then offers the honor of top the very first battle against Macbeth come Old Siward, through Young Siward in ~ his side.

MALCOLM. Now close to enough; her leavy screens throw down,And display like those you are. You, worthy uncle,Shall, with my cousin, your appropriate noble son,Lead our an initial battle. (5.6.1-4)

Malcolm speak Old Siward that he and also Macduff will certainly follow v the make reservation army. Old Siward, an old soldier and also commander of numerous battles, jokes that if his military does their project well enough, over there won"t be anything left for Malcolm and also Macduff to do.

OLD SIWARD. Fare friend well.Do we but find the tyrant"s power tonight,Let united state be beaten, if us cannot fight. (5.6.5-7)

Old Siward doesn"t show up in plot 5, scene 7, yet in this scene, his young kid meets Macbeth in battle. Young Siward doesn"t acknowledge Macbeth, as he"s never ever seen the before.

YOUNG SIWARD. What is thy name?

MACBETH. Thou"lt be afraid to hear it.

YOUNG SIWARD. No, though thou call"st thyself a name is nameThan any type of is in hell.

MACBETH. Mine name"s Macbeth.

YOUNG SIWARD.The evil one himself could not pronounce a titleMore hateful to mine ear. (5.7.5-11)

Young Siward fights Macbeth, but Macbeth, supremely confident because he"s to be assured through the Witches that "none of mrs born / Shall damage Macbeth" (5.1.88-89), easily overpowers and kills Young Siward.

In action 5, step 8, Macbeth"s military has to be defeated, and Macduff, who is "none of mrs born," has actually killed Macbeth.

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Old Siward learns native Ross that Young Siward has actually been killed in battle:

ROSS. Your son, my lord, has actually paid a soldier"s debt:He just lived however till he to be a man;The i m sorry no sooner had actually his prowess confirm"dIn the unshrinking station where that fought,But prefer a guy he died. (5.8.44-48)

Old Siward mirrors the true character of the old soldier that he is—stoic, proud, and also honorable. Old Siward is grieved in ~ his son"s death, however he"s proud to understand that his son died a noble death.

OLD SIWARD. Why then, God"s soldier be he! ...They say he parted well and paid his score:And for this reason God be with him! (