Dogs are naturally playful and also rambunctious pets. Lock bark, follow you around, run, follow squirrels or other dogs, and also most significantly, there space high jumping dog breeds.

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these pets have high stamina and superb agility that will leave you catching your breath.

However, part dog breeds the jump high have a latent capacity to run faster and jump greater than your typical pooch. Last 2017, a greyhound jumping dog named Feather got to a feat the 6 feet and 29 inch (191.7 cm). Check out on to know an ext about dog jumping breeds, and also maybe her dog belongs come one.

Many dogs deserve to jump high, have actually high agility, and do superb acrobatics. Friend see some of them at competitions and videos throughout the internet.

Here is a list of dog breeds the jump the highest.

1. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers originated from England and also accompanied world to hunt foxes. They likewise belong come the functioning terrier classification, greatly used to locate quarry in the earth. Stand at about 10 to 15 inches, this energetic little dog is an extremely loyal and playful.

However, do not be fooled by its small stature due to the fact that there’s more than meets the eye. Jack Russell Terriers have tendency to jump, and they can jump greater as protest to their height. This dog breed deserve to jump come a height 5 times higher than their size. If you have actually a 10-inch Jack Russell, it might jump up to 50 customs or 4.17 feet. It’s practically as tall together an eight-year-old child.

2. Border Collie

Hailing indigenous the land famed for the Loch Ness Monster, the Border Collie is another high jumping dog. And just like any other herding breed, Border Collies are well known for herding livestock, an especially sheep. Moreover, they are thought about highly acrobatic, athletic, and frequently hailed together the smartest tamed dog breed.

Border Collies have the right to easily conquer sheepdog trials and dog sporting activities with your superb agility. They are also one of the dog breeds that jump fences as high as 6 feet. Make certain to have actually a wall higher than 6ft if you plan to have actually a Border Collie together a pet.

3. Vizsla

Recognized through the American Kennel society in 1960, Vizslas originally came indigenous Hungary. Further, they room a multi-purpose breed however most suitable for upland gamings like rabbits and retrieving waterfowls. The Canadian and also American Kennel Club identify Vizslas together a sporting dog. However, Federation Cynologique Internationale categorizes them together pointing dogs. Generally, they’re a mix the a pointer and a retriever.

In addition, v this mixture, Vizslas are highly versatile, mild-mannered, affectionate, and have fantastic protective instincts. This traits make them an excellent pets if friend have kids at home. They can jump together high as 6 feet, which provides them adept in ~ jumping hurdles prefer dog gateways or fences.

Rottweilers jump as high as 3 feet.

15. Staffordshire Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terriers space a British breed with quick hairs used for fighting in the 19th century. However, with the regulation banning dog fights, they ended up being an instant hit in ~ households. Often dubbed Staffies, Staffordshire Terriers space intelligent and energetic dogs. They belong come this list of high jumping dog breeds since they deserve to jump as much as 5 feet. However, part Staffordshire Terriers can jump approximately 16 feet or 5 meters.

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Are friend still passionate to learn much more about jumping dog breeds? These generally Asked Questions should fill you through extra information.