When considering a golf dare purchase, load is a very important component of your decision. Think about it- your golf cart’s ability to handle hills and slopes, no to mention the towing power required when hauling it – all are based on the load of your golf cart. So exactly how much go a golf cart weigh?

A golf cart weighs in between 500-1100 pounds depending on the make, model, and additional modifications.

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Your golf cart’s weight will vary depending on some the the options you choose: electrical or petrol powered, and also the number of passengers her cart have the right to hold will impact your cart’s weight.

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2Dry weight Versus Curb weight for Golf Carts
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5How much Does a 6 human being Golf cart Weigh?
6Golf dare Weight Limits
7Electric vs Gas Golf dare Weight
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11Golf dare Dimensions
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12Will a Golf dare Fit in My van Bed?
13Will a Golf cart Fit in mine Garage?
14What dimension Trailer carry out I need for a Golf Cart?

How lot a Golf cart Weighs

Most golf carts weigh in between 500-1100 pounds relying on the make, model, and added modifications.

That’s rather a range! The weight will certainly vary rather a bit by the manufacturer (make) and model the you select, as result of the materials that every manufacturer uses.

Additionally, a golf cart’s weight have the right to be affected by what type of power resource it offers – as a dominion of thumb, electric carts will weigh less than gas golf carts. However, electrical golf carts can obtain quite hefty if using bigger batteries.

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Dry load Versus Curb weight for Golf Carts


Most typical golf carts will fit in a garage – make sure you’re maintaining the dimensions of her golf cart in mind once making your purchase, and these important factors:

Make certain you have room to walk approximately the golf dare in your garageMake sure you have actually room and clearance come maneuver and also park the golf cart and exit the comfortably, and also room to load whatever devices or equipment you’ll it is in hauling top top it

What size Trailer do I require for a Golf Cart?

Again, this comes down to the details golf cart you choose, yet most conventional carts (4 x 8) will certainly fit top top a typical 5 x 10 energy trailer just fine. If that an enclosed trailer, make certain you have room come safely departure the cart!

Be certain to monitor these measures to safely carry your golf cart:

Face your golf dare in the same direction together the hauling vehicleStrap your golf cart’s tires downFlip the windshield down and also secure it v a bungee cord or stringIf you must transport the golf cart facing opposite of the transporting vehicle, be sure to flip the front chair down and secure it with string or a bungee cord


We hope this overview prepared friend for just how much space, towing capacity, and also weight you’ll require for your golf cart. If you’re thinking around upgrading or you’re make your first golf dare purchase, check out our overview to exactly how much golf carts cost, how to do a golf dare street legal, and also the finest golf dare bluetooth speakers below for an ext helpful information.