Dirt bicycle riding is a good way to get your kids energetic outdoors. This funny motorsport can be one exciting new adventure. However, some parents and also kids worry about safety at top speeds while others want much more speed. Either way, they often want to understand how rapid is a 50cc dirt bike.

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Let’s have a rapid peek in ~ their peak speeds in mph (miles every hour) and in kmph (kilometers per hour):

BikePrice m/hkm/h
Honda CRF50$1,5993556
Yamaha PW50$1,6493048
Yamaha TTR 50$1,6993048
Suzuki DR-Z50$1,7993353
KTM 50 SX$4,3994267
Husqvarna TC50$4,3994267
Cobra CX50SRX$4,3994572
Top speeds of 50cc dirt Bikes through 2021 prices in us Dollars

Those speeds may sound a little alarming or even unsafe to some. But you should know that some mini dirt bikes have safety features and also accessories favor throttle limiters, throttle avoid screws, and also power reduction kits. This will store your child from riding too fast.

For bikes there is no those practically features, provide your son tips to save them out of harm’s way. For instance, to teach them to only ride in low gears can prevent extreme speed.

Now the you understand how fast 50cc dirt bikes can go, stop cover associated topics:

Popular 50cc dust bikes

Top motorcycle brands, choose Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki offer good beginner off-roading motorcycles for kids. KTM and pair of other brands room race bikes, yet some do offer a speech redution kit.

Below space some the you will certainly encounter in your find for the right bike. Each one has its strengths, yet they’re all kid-friendly, reliable, and designed for beginners.

Note: The prices shown are the U.S. Sleeve prices because that 2021.

How quick does Yamaha 50cc dust bike go?


Beginner and also novice riders should avoid such race tracks and daunting trails, since jumps call for solid skills to overcome. These skills need time come develop, and also if a rider isn’t advanced enough, lock simply increase the chances of a fall.

Falling since of whiskey throttle or jumps have the right to be minimized with proper coaching. As the twist to an old saying goes: Perfect practice makes perfect.

Safe talk Practices

Pro Tip: as a rule of thumb, beginner and also novice riders should always familiarize themselves with dirt bikes in comfortable and low-risk riding trails.

Here room some an ext ways to construct your child’s riding skills, except coaching castle yourself:

Talk come them around safety before each rideSet part ground rules early on, together as:Stay on first and 2nd gear while riding (if the bike has gears)Ride only under adult supervisionDon’t go much faster than your skill allowsKeep both wheels on the groundAlways wear complete safety gearUse a throttle limiter to control the speed for Yamaha, Suzuki, and also Honda bikesUse a power reduction kit to control speed for KTM and also HusqvarnaEnroll them in a manual dirt cycle training program (beginner to progressed levels)Gradually exercise them on trails with obstacles to prevent whisky throttleDelay riding ~ above motocross race tracks through jumps until kids reach advanced riding levels

By making use of these guidelines, you will type safe behavior which will certainly lessen her kid’s possibility of gaining injured badly. At the exact same time, you likewise establish yourself as crucial support system for her child.

How to make a 50cc dirt bike walk faster

Yamaha 50, Honda 50, and Suzuki 50 bikes space trail bikes, so optimal speed typically isn’t the priority. Yes, you can make them go a little faster, yet for 50cc MX racing, it’s much better to invest in a high performance dirt bike. They room especially developed for race competitions.

Have a trail bike the you desire to go faster? right here are general guidelines:

Clean the exhaust and mufflerKeep spark plugs gapped and also freshUse high top quality fluidsChange fluids and filters oftenClean or replace air filterUse high-octane gasolineCheck the tires quiet have big knobs for traction in dirtLubricate the throttle cable for much better response

Below is rate test that Honda CRF50 with a non-stock carburetor. That reaches whopping speed of 38 mph! The iOS application used is Speedometer Simpl‪e‬ – Accurate gps speed tracker.

If your boy is all set to race and also has reached progressed levels on follow bikes, signing lock up because that a motocross training routine will aid them progress conveniently and, in ~ the exact same time, introduce them come other children with the same interest.

“It’s like any type of sport, if you want to get an excellent at that quickly, you get advice and help.”

— kris Birch, off-road coach and also eight-time new Zealand Enduro national Champion, RidersWest magazine

Fastest 50cc dirt bikes

Some dust bikes for kids are designed for motocross racing, when others room designed for trail riding. The faster 50cc dust bike is the American constructed Cobra 50 King. It has repeatedly won numerous competitions.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the fastest 50cc mini dirt bikes:

Cobra CX50SRX KING top speed: 45 MPHHusqvarna TC 50 peak speed: 42 MPHKTM 50 SX: 42MPH

These motocross mini bikes usage the same level of modern technology found top top the full-size motocross gyeongju bikes. They room 2-strokes with prompt response, therefore riders have the right to reach top speeds sooner.

Husqvarna TC50 speed test

2-stroke 50cc engines have actually an aggressive power curve compared to milder 4-stroke. This mini mx compete bikes also have the finest suspension in the class to handle the jumps.

Final Thoughts

A 50cc dirt bike can mean a many fun for youngsters getting right into dirt riding. Height racing models can reach speeds previous 40 miles every hour, while many trail bikes will certainly max out at around 33 miles per hour or less.

Speed is a worry for parental of brand-new riders, but this worry can be diminished by getting a bike v a accelerator limiter and also by to teach a son to drive at low speeds. Most youngsters will be happy with speeds between 10 come 15 miles every hour, since everything feels brand-new and amazing.

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As long as you pay attention to your child’s interest level, security gear, and also riding challenges, you create a safe and also positive discovering environment. Riding dirt bikes done ideal is low-risk, fun, and also exciting for the totality family.