no dude he desires to know about th r not the f the 150r goes method faster then that its to run the exact same lap time together a 125 2 hit so prefer as fast as those go almost

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yeah they space expensive however they are faster then shit. Since the 2 strokes will be no much more in 2008 honda take it a quick jump ~ above the 4 strokes it"ll just get far better and better.

yeah it would be a near race however the 150r would certainly take it i believe. It runs the exact same lap time together the cr125 so it would have the edge end the 100. Are you thinking of buying a 150?

your crazy, how poor is the driver on the 125, my cr125 to win CRF250s. I"d be suprised if the 150 can beat a cr85

50-60mph guys thats it, a 250f goes about 60-70, that is most likely your bikes dont go also close come 80 mph, you could have a bike the goes 500mph and it i will not ~ matter penis all if the guy on the 125 was a much better rider. That is the bike no the rider...... Even though the 150"s have actually the tourque and size advantage, the 85"s still have a much better power to load ratio

the 150r wieghs approximately 165the cr85 155the cr125 195

honestly ns really i will not ~ b therefore suprised if the crf 150r to win 125 classes

o and also 2 more things

its peak speed is around 80 no liei likewise looked at the average track times and also technically the crf must win over the 125 however it does rely on the rider

the crf150r is to run the very same lap times together a cr125r however this doesnt average that the crf150r is going to beat a cr125r in a drag race. This is like saying ya, the crf150r has actually no problem beating a crf250r. Thats wat yur saying, sound dumb no it?

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o arent u the smartass yea mabye the same lap times if a boulder eating ape is driving driving the 125 and ricky charmichael is talk the 150r

why dont u actually obtain a bicycle u penis TOUCHER!!!

Dude, here"s the thing, a 150r can easy run a quicker lap time 보다 a cr125 top top a chop track since it has actually all the power it needs all the time, and the 125 only gets power from high rpm"s, therefore the 150 will certainly kill the 125 the end of the corners, and also, the 150 is less complicated to ride 보다 the 125, due to the fact that of the fact that it"s a fourstroke, and it is so smooth. Now, top top the other hand, ~ above a flat drag, the 125 would beat the 150 because it has all height end. Currently tell me... Does THIS do SENCE to YOU?!?!?

r u kidding any 1 top top a 150 r can rape any kind of 85 2 strokes i gyeongju in tht class i would no and yea ns doubt u win 250s wit ur 2 stroke 125

with no native of lie the optimal speed that a hondacrf 150f is like 50mph but the one i like and also have is the brand-new and enhanced hondacrf150R share is choose 80-85mph , why what execute you think

ok dumb a ss a 2002 kx125 operation 36hp a 11500rpm a 08 CRF125R operation 8500rpm a 24hp girlfriend tell me wich one has more power the crf has tork and also low end however the kx has an ext exceleration and rpm = much faster lap time more top speed and also i lap crf150r one a monitor my cuz has one and i wast him and ITS 70%RIDDER 30% bike CUZ IF YOU put A 3 YEAR OLD on A CR500 and also A pro ON A CRF50 THE pro IS GOING to WIN and NONE OF girlfriend SHITS ON these TYPS the SIGHT know SHIT around BIKES GOD DAM

Your shitting me the 150r smoke mine friends CRf 230 it can beat the he"ll out of a CRf 250 the is a frigin difference between CRf and also R jeez mine friend has actually six bike because that his family and also out of all of them the cr250 01 to win a CRf 450 and it practically hits 97 and just in situation you men didn"t recognize CR means 2 stroke

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you men are every stuped as shit 4 strokes have actually torque 2 stroke have the speed and also power and also a 2 stroke output is twice as stronge together a 4 stroke instance a kx125 has actually the power as a kx250f therefore a crf150 has ABOUT the strength of a kx65 for this reason for every one of you that ride 4 stroke just suck it up and also admit the if friend ride a 250f that is the very same as having actually a 125 witch is beast the a bike for this reason thire naught to be ashamed that if you want to save up with a 250 2 stroke then buy a 450f my god why that so difficult for few of these stuped people to understand