There space 490.82 miles from Washington to Indianapolis in west direction and 587 mile (944.68 kilometers) by car, complying with the I-70 route.

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Washington and also Indianapolis are 9 hours 1 min far apart, if you journey non-stop.

This is the fastest path from Washington, DC to Indianapolis, IN. The halfway point is Fairview, OH.

Washington, DC and Indianapolis, IN space in the same time zone (EDT). Current time in both areas is 5:09 pm.

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Gas Consumption and also Emissions

A automobile with a fuel efficiency of MPG will need 23.57 gallons of gas come cover the route between Washington, DC and also Indianapolis, IN.

The estimated cost that gas to walk from Washington to Indianapolis is $79.67.

During the route, an average car will release 461.78 pounds that CO2 come the atmosphere. The carbon footprint would certainly be 0.79 pounds of CO2 every mile.

typical USA gas price offered for calculation is $3.38 per gallon of regular gas. Price critical updated on November 1, 2021.

Best many hotels In or close to Indianapolis, IN

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Halfway allude Between Washington, DC and also Indianapolis, IN

If you desire to satisfy halfway between Washington, DC and Indianapolis, IN or simply make a prevent in the middle of her trip, the exact coordinates the the halfway allude of this path are 40.066650 and also -81.165588, or 40º 3" 59.94" N, 81º 9" 56.1168" W. This location is 293.44 miles far from Washington, DC and also Indianapolis, IN and it would take about 4 hours 30 mins to with the halfway allude from both locations.

Closest City or town to Halfway Point

The closest city to the halfway point is Fairview, OH, situated 314 miles indigenous Washington, DC and 274 miles from Indianapolis, IN. It would take 4 hrs 53 mins to walk from Washington to Fairview and 4 hours 7 mins to go from Indianapolis come Fairview.

Major Cities along the Route

The only significant city follow me the course is Columbus, OH.

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Weather in Washington and also Indianapolis

Compare the weather today and also the next 4 days in Washington, DC and also Indianapolis, IN:


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