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Nonstop drive time

How far is the distance between Ithaca and also Rochester? The direct drive native Ithaca, United claims to Rochester, United says is 93.8 miles or 151 km, and should have actually a drive time of 2 hours in normal traffic.

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Ithaca come Rochester journey time through breaks

Driving from Ithaca come Rochester takes around 2 hours if you do it nonstop, and also given the it's just 2 hours, girlfriend probably deserve to do it in one walk without issues.

If you desire to stop along the way, though, over there are absolutely interesting sights come see! take a look at the best stops top top a Ithaca to Rochester drive for part inspiration.

What urban are between Ithaca and Rochester?

If you're thinking of driving between Ithaca and Rochester and thinking of remaining a night, it's worth looking at a few of the urban that room on the route. The most renowned cities come stop between Ithaca and Rochester space Watkins Glen. Watkins glen is the most popular city top top the path — it's less than one hour from Ithaca and 2 hours from Rochester.

Going back? How much is Rochester native Ithaca?

Honestly, the shouldn't differ by too much, but if you're curious around the drive back, check out the reverse directions to see how far Rochester is indigenous Ithaca.

On your expedition from Ithaca come Rochester, protect against by Watkins Glen! Make sure to visit Watkins Glen, the most famous city top top the route, and also see Watkins Glen's peak attractions like Watkins glen State Park, Seneca Lake alcohol Trail, and also Watkins glen International.

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Watkins Glen

Watkins glen is a village in Schuyler County, new York, united States, and also it is the ar seat the Schuyler County. Watkins glenn lies within the towns of Dix and also Reading.