Welcome to ft Benning – the Maneuver center of Excellence and home the the Infantry and also Armor! whether this is your first big armed forces move or one of many, it’s never easy. Although, as soon as you understand what to expect as soon as you arrive, it’s a totality lot easier. And also it doesn’t hurt to be PCSing to a place recognized for its southern hospitality and good food (give me all the fried chicken, shrimp and grits, pecan pie and also sweet tea).

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More than half of all brand-new soldiers who get in the army this year will certainly come through fort Benning. The installation likewise trains all brand-new paratroopers, military Rangers, officer candidates, Infantry and Armor lieutenants, captains, and noncommissioned officers.

Fort Benning is the sixth-largest armed forces installation in the U.S. V the third-greatest troop density. You will find approximately 80,000 soldiers training at fort Benning every year, and over 100,000 soldiers, their household members, veterans, civilians, and contract employee live, work, play and also use services on the installation each and also every day. The post covers end 182,000 acres, most of lock in Georgia, with around 12,000 acres throughout the Chattahoochee flow in Alabama.

The installation has actually served as the residence of the Infantry since 1909 and during the 2005 short article Realignment and Closure, it to be transformed into the Maneuver facility of Excellence. This transformation also included the relocate of the Armor school from ft Knox to fort Benning.

Continue analysis for our in-depth guide on ft Benning come help help you in your transition to your brand-new home.

1. Where Is fort Benning?2. Google Map View3. Gaining There – directions to the Post4. Entering fort Benning and also Post Amenities

5. Where should I Live Near ft Benning?6. What institutions are Near ft Benning?7. What’s the Weather prefer in fort Benning?8. Points to execute Near ft Benning

Where Is ft Benning?

Fort Benning army Community Service7117 Baltzell Ave.Building 7Fort Benning, GA 31905Phone: 1 (706) 545-4043

Fort Benning is a U.S. Military post straddling the Alabama-Georgia border, right alongside Columbus, GA.

Fort Benning Georgia Map


Directions to ft Benning Georgia

Getting to fort Benning is a pretty easy trip, no matter where you’re coming from. I-185 runs right by the post and plenty that other significant highways in the area make any kind of trip here or away a simple drive.

Driving direction to ft Benning GAFrom Atlanta (North):Take federal government 85 south toward Montgomery.Merge onto I-85 South/Columbus/Montgomery.Take exit 21 to unify onto I-185 southern toward Columbus.Fort Benning is directly at the finish of I-185 South.From Savannah (West):Get on interstate 95 south toward Savannah.Take leave 99B to unify onto I-16 West towards Macon.Exit left to merge onto I-75 southern toward Valdosta.Take leave 149 ~ above GA-49 towards Byron, fort Valley, and also keep ideal toward Byron, fort Valley.Turn ideal onto GA-49 and continue onto Highway 96 before continuing top top Columbus Highway.Keep walk to monitor I-185 south where you will do it reach fort Benning in ~ the end.From Montgomery (East):Turn top top the Selma-Mobile Highway and merge onto I-65 North.Take exit 171 to unify onto I-85 North toward Atlanta.Take leave 62 ~ above US-431/US-280 towards Phenix City.Turn right onto Columbus Parkway toward Phenix City.Turn left to unify onto US-80 east toward I-185.Take the ramp because that I-185 South and follow that till the finish where you’ll reach fort Benning.Amtrak Near fort Benning GA

The nearest Amtrak avoid to ft Benning is 120 miles far in Atlanta, GA. The best means to gain to ft Benning from the Atlanta or Columbus area is to use Groome Transportation. The shuttle business connects you to ft Benning seven days a week because that a reasonable price. Alternatively, you can take a Greyhound bus come Columbus.

Flights to ft Benning, GA

There room a number of small and local airports near fort Benning, yet the nearest major hub is the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta worldwide Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s about a two-hour journey from the Atlanta airport to ft Benning ~ above a an excellent day. Web traffic can acquire pretty stunner in the Atlanta area so setup ahead if girlfriend are brief on time. The Columbus urban Airport is simply under 20 miles from the post. The a relatively quick pilgrimage from the plane to fort Benning but alternatives for direct flights are limited. Other adjacent airports encompass Birmingham-Shuttlesworth global Airport (175 miles away) and also Montgomery local Airport (115 mile away).

Fort Benning transport Office

When that time for her next large move, the ft Benning transport and an individual Property delivery Office is right here to help. As soon as you acquire your following PCS orders, permit them know and they’ll aid get you set.

Fort Benning transportation OfficeBldg 6 Rm 105, Meloy DriveFort Benning, GA 31905Phone: 1 (706) 545-4900

Fort Benning transport Office Hours

Monday through Friday – 0800-1630


Entering ft Benning and Post Amenities

If that your first time on post, or you nothing yet have a valid military ID or tag for your car, you may have to stop at the Visitor facility to examine in prior to you’re allowed in the post. Click right here to learn more about whereby to go.

Check-in actions For incoming Personnel

All brand-new soldiers or company members in transit to fort Benning on computers orders should report come the Installation instead of Operations facility in Ridgway hall (Building 35), Room 239 ~ above the second floor, throughout duty hrs (0600 come 1600 Monday through Friday). If girlfriend are getting here after duty hours, ~ above a weekend or holiday, report to the post staff duty NCOIC or OIC in ~ McGinnis-Wickam Hall, 1 Karker St., structure 4.

For any type of questions before reporting, contact 1 (706) 545-4577 or 1 (706) 545-5686 during normal duty hours.

Installation instead of Operations CenterRidgway room (Building 35), Room 239 (2nd floor)Fort Benning, GA 31905Phone: 1 (706) 545-4577/5686

Fort Benning visitor Center

The Visitor center processes tourists who have been pre-sponsored by article personnel. Those who haven’t been pre-sponsored should expect lengthy delays or need to arrange to have actually their sponsor satisfy them in ~ the gate. The lindsey Creek visitant Control facility is open up 24/7, including holidays, and also is on lindsay Creek Parkway. The Contractor visitant Control center (CVCC) is on 8th department Road in Harmony Church and is open up 0600 to 1400 Monday v Friday. The CVCC is close up door nights, weekends, and holidays. If you have any particular questions about visiting, you can reach the MP workdesk at 1 (706) 545-5223 or Contractor argorial Office in ~ 1 (706) 545-3215.

Fort Benning visitant CenterColumbus, GA 31905Phone: 1 (706) 544-1033

DEERS fort Benning

Need a brand-new ID card or to acquire your admin file updated? The ft Benning DEERS office handles all such problem for organization members, their families, and retirees. Set up an digital appointment and avoid the wait.

Fort Benning DEERS OfficeSoldier for Life Center, building 9230Fort Benning, GA 31905Phone: 1 (706) 545-9085

Fort Benning door Hours

The main Gate, whereby you’ll discover the lindsay Creek visitor Center, is open 24/7. Hrs for the other write-up entrances are as follows:

Camp Merrill (Dahlonega, GA) – 24/7Benning Boulevard – 0600 to 1800Custer Road/Route 27 – 0500-1700 Monday with Friday8th division Road – 24/78th department Road truck Stop – 0600 come 1400Eddy bridge (Lawson) – 24/7

Fort Benning Commissary

The ft Benning Commissary is the perfect protect against for short prices top top food, groceries, residence goods, and also more.

Fort Benning Commissary8150 Marne RdFort Benning, GA 31905Phone: 1 (706) 544-3965

Fort Benning Commissary Hours

Monday with Saturday– 0900-1900Sunday – 1000-1900

Fort Benning Exchange

Fort Benning ExchangeBldg 9220 Marne RoadFt Benning, GA 31905Phone: 1 (706) 685-3257

Fort Benning Exchange Hours

Monday through Friday – 1000-1800Saturday & Sunday – 1000-1800

Fort Benning Barber Shops

Keep her haircut regulation fresh and also trim at any type of of the good barber shops located on ft Benning.

Barber Shop places & Hours

Harmony Church Express, Bldg. 4109Phone: 1 (706) 685-4837Hours: 

Monday through Friday – 0900-1700Saturday with Sunday – 1000-1600

MCOE, Bldg. 4Phone: 1 (706) 689-0044Hours: Currently Closed

Main write-up Troop Store, Bldg. 103Phone: 1 (706) 682-0011Hours: Monday through Sunday 1000-1700

Sand Hill convoy Store/Services, Bldg. 3218Phone: 1 (706) 687-8618Hours: Appointment Only

Chaffee troop Store/Barber, Bldg. 4308Phone: 1 (706) 685-0027Hours: Appointment Only

Ft Benning key Exchange, Bldg 9220, Marne RoadPhone: 1 (706) 687-2436Hours: Monday v Sunday 1000-1700

Fort Benning post Office

Whether the a letter or a large box, the US post Office on ft Benning can assist you send everything you need wherever it requirements to go.

Fort Benning article Office110 Vibbert AveFort Benning, GA 31905Phone: 1 (706) 689-1696

Fort Benning Finance Office

From pay concerns to conserving plans, the fort Benning Defense armed forces Pay Office is open to every members of the military neighborhood who need aid with gaue won matters.

Fort Benning Finance OfficeBldg 35 (3rd Floor)Fort Benning, GA 31905Phone: 1 (706) 545-7880

Fort Benning Finance Office Hours

Monday through Wednesday – 0730-1600Thursday – 0730-1400 Friday – 0730-1600

Fort Benning legitimate Office

The fort Benning JAG office supplies legal help of every kinds come members of the post military community. From depiction to aid with paperwork, they have actually you covered.

Fort Benning legitimate Office6930 Morrison Avenue, building 130Fort Benning, GA 31905Phone: 1 (706) 545-3281

Fort Benning legitimate Office Hours

Monday v Wednesday – 0830-1630Thursday – 1300-1630Friday – 0830-1630

Fort Benning Library

From their huge print material collection come the 77 desktops in their computer lab, the Milton E. Lengthy Library is a good place to pick a brand-new read, do some research, or get some job-related done. Plus book clubs and story hrs are wonderful ways to get your kids interested in reading.

Fort Benning Library6529 Eckel AvenueBldg 2783Fort Benning, GA 31905Phone: 1 (706) 545-4911Hours: Monday v Friday 1000-1500, 1000-1415 for computer system Lab


Fort Benning Hotels

There are plenty of hotels near fort Benning to fit your budget, countless of castle within simply a couple of mile from the installation.

Candlewood Suites Columbus-Fort Benning

3389 win DriveColumbus, GA 31903Phone: 1 (706) 683-9900

Comfort Suites

5236 armour RoadColumbus, GA 31904Phone: 1 (706) 748-7140

Econo Lodge Inn & Suites at fort Benning

4483 success DriveColumbus, GA 31903Phone: 1 (706) 682-3803

Hampton Inn & Suites Phenix City-Columbus Area

620 martin Luther King Jr. ParkwayPhenix City, AL 36869Phone: 1 (334) 664-0776

Hampton Inn Columbus/South-Fort Benning

2870 S. Lumpkin RoadColumbus, GA 31903Phone: 1 (706) 660-5550

Holiday Inn refer & Suites Columbus-Fort Benning

3901 victory DriveColumbus, GA 31903Phone: 1 (706) 507-7080

Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Columbus

3930 St. Marys RoadColumbus, GA 31907Phone: 1 (706) 389-4726


Hot Tip: Download’s fort Benning armed forces Relocation guide for information around hotels near fort Benning.


Where should I Live Near ft Benning?

While the on-post housing alternatives are nice, you can be an ext interested in life off-post while stationed here. Luckily, there are plenty of an excellent places to call your residence within simple commuting street of fort Benning.

Major urban Near ft Benning

Fort Benning sit in the heart of the South, near famous destinations prefer Atlanta, Savannah, and also the Blue Ridge Mountains. The post is discovered in one area generally known together the Tri-Community, comprising Columbus and Fort Benning, Georgia, and Phenix City, Alabama. And people looking come live off-post can’t go wrong picking either that those other two cities as your following home.

If she considering life on post, check out the easily accessible on-post real estate options. Otherwise, read on to find out more about living off post.

Best places to Live Near ft Benning

Columbus, GA

Columbus sits follow me the Chattahoochee flow (yes, the one Alan Jackson sang about), just 12 miles from ft Benning. The spring City, together it’s affectionately known, has actually a lot to market its 196,000 residents, from outdoor tasks like the Chattahoochee RiverWalk and Dragonfly follow or at home delights favor the Coca-Cola space Science facility or Columbus Aquatic Center. Many military families opt to live here because the price of life in the city is low contrasted to the remainder of the nation, the institutions are above average, there’s loads to do and it’s a fast commute to ft Benning.

Phenix City, AL

Just across the Chattahoochee native Columbus, Phenix City is a desirable and also affordable Alabama suburb where plenty of Fort Benning families choose to live. The nearly 37,000 occupants of the city advantage from being associated to the Columbus urban Statistical Area. The area suits a selection of outdoor enthusiasts – from golfers to rafters come spectators. Folks living right here enjoy a range of parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, swimming pools, golf courses, lakes, and much more throughout the year.


Hot Tip: watch for ft Benning homes and also apartments for rent or sale, and find BAH, PCS, TLA & ETS military real estate information in ~


Best fort Benning Schools

There space plenty the education alternatives for your children in the fort Benning area, indigenous elementary, intermediate, and also high institutions to public and private institutions in the neighboring area. No to cite preschools and daycare facilities for the younger kids.

Whether you decide to enroll your youngsters in among the on-post schools, among the Columbus schools, or one of the Phenix City schools, rest assured the they’ll have accessibility to the ideal education possible. And if your child calls for extra help, there are a number of programs available. The on-post school liaison officer will certainly be there to aid make the tough shift to a brand-new school easier.

Find an ext local school info at The finest Fort Benning Schools: Daycare – High School.


Fort Benning Weather

Look front to several sunny days when you live and also work in fort Benning. The area also gets numerous rain, yet that’s what makes flowers prosper in the 50 or so parks in the neighboring areas.


Rain falls throughout the year yet spring (and especially March) is when it’s the wettest. The average complete rainfall because that the fort Benning region is just under 5 inches throughout the spring. When it’s no raining, the temperatures room pleasant and also ideal for tourist activities.


The summer months room hot and humid in Georgia and across the river in Alabama. Daytime temps in the summer months peak around the mid-90s which results in muggy and miserable days. The warmest months in the area space July and also August wherein it’s been well-known to creep as much as 100 degrees.


Humidity is reduced in the autumn months but temps space still reasonably high. Rain is occasional during this season, with couple of rainy days. This is the ideal time the year to gain out and take advantage of every one of the out activities.


As you would certainly expect, the lowest temperatures the the year are during the winter months. Short are uncovered in the 40s and the highs are usually creeping towards the mid-60s. Columbus is taken into consideration the “natural snowline” of the southeast; some northern parts that the city obtain snow and most southerly parts never do.

To uncover out much more in-depth information on the weather in the area, visit ft Benning Weather: What To suppose When relocating Here.


Things to perform Near ft Benning, GA

The area surrounding ft Benning is bustling with points to do and there’s something for everyone. It’s simply a matter of finding the moment to do them. Locals gravitate toward the river, even if it is they’re whitewater rafting down the Chattahoochee or strolling alongside it at the RiverWalk. Background and art buffs flock to the area come visit the nationwide Infantry Museum, Columbus Museum, and also the nationwide Civil war Naval Museum or to interact in historic re-enactments. Restaurants, cost-free concerts, and special occasions are widespread in Columbus’ Uptown and also Downtown. No to point out the recreation and entertainment options available on post thanks to ft Benning Family and MWR.

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Fort Benning is an installation like no other. The write-up is favor a city depend itself; if you’re lucky to live in one of the freshly renovated houses on post or in the barracks, you will likely uncover everything you require right exterior your doorstep. However rest assured that there is so lot to see and also do when you leaving the installation’s gates as well. Relocating to a brand-new place has its challenges yet you’ll it is in glad to it is in here.

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