Patriot Train, Public transportation Options, & more Ways to take trip to Gillette Stadium

How to acquire to Gillette stadium from Boston

Patriot Train, Public transportation Options, & much more Ways to travel to Gillette Stadium

If you want to obtain to Gillette stadion from Boston without driving your very own car, there room several options to consider, including public transportation.

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However, your selection will rely on the occasion you plan to attend; Patriots Home gamings vs. Concert or various other sporting events.

If you"re going to a new England Patriots game, you have the right to take the Gillette stadium train (usually dubbed the Patriot Train) straight to Patriot location in Foxboro, whereby the stadion is located.


However if you space attending a concert, a brand-new England change game, or even just shopping following door in ~ Patriot Place, obtaining to Gillette stadion by train needs a little more creativity.

If you"ve ever before driven earlier to Boston after ~ a game or concert and spent hrs on the clogged highway, you"ll know the very nice one of acquisition the train to Gillette Stadium.

Even despite the stadium located in Foxboro Massachusetts is just 22 miles south of the city, the drive ago can take forever since of how the website traffic gridlocks andbottlenecks about the parking lots and on path 1.

Read on to discover the best transportation options to gain to Gillette stadion from Boston - and back - based upon each form of event.

How to take it the Patriot Train come Gillette Stadium

MBTA"s Gillette stadion Train (locally recognized as the Patriot Train to Gillette) provides Boston business from Boston"s South Station, back Bay Station, and Dedham corporate Station to the stadium on Preseason and Regular Season home game days.


If you"re comes to Gillette from the south, friend can additionally catch a Gillette-bound Patriot Train at TF eco-friendly Airport (with extr stops in Providence, south Attleboro, and also Mansfield).

You have the right to purchase round pilgrimage tickets on the MBTA App, or appropriate at the train station - simply go to the Commuter Rail (MBCR ticket) window. (Important Note: consistent commuter rail tickets or passes are not valid because that the Gillette stadium Train).

Kids ride Free!

*Children 11 and also under who space accompanied through a paying adult, ride the MBTA for free. As much as 2 children per adult space allowed.

Patriots Train tickets normally become easily accessible 1 week prior to each game. You can buy lock in breakthrough at southern Station, phibìc Station, and back Bay Station, and this is extremely recommended. On video game Days, girlfriend can likewise buy them in ~ the Dedham that company Station.


Tickets remain easily accessible until they"re offered out, or till 15 minutes prior to departure. Also though the MBTA has increased the train"s capacity over time, the tickets still sell out quickly... For this reason buy in advance, and also definitely have actually a "Plan B" in the wing for getting to the stadion if friend can"t get Patriots Train tickets.

Patriot Train Schedule

You can find the Patriot Train schedule ~ above MBTA"s website. The round expedition price is about $20 - do the Patriot Train the cheapest method to obtain to Gillette stadion from Boston. (The fare is always subject to adjust - so verify on the MBTA website.)


The Patriot Train is booked to gain you come the stadium around 75 minutes prior to kickoff. The Patriots train departs Gillette 30 minute after the game (or other event) ends.

As with many public transport options, periodically the train experiences delays . . . Nonetheless, the train is absolutely still faster, cheaper, and an ext predictable than gaining there, parking, and getting ago by car.

Parking at Gillette Stadium

While parking for new England change games is totally free at Gillette stadium; parking for Patriots Games and also Concerts is no free. There are likewise paid parking options outside that Gillette stadium along course 1.


Uber / Lift to Gillette Stadium

Gillette stadion does have actually a designated Uber pick-up lot because that all occasions at Gillette Stadium and also off-season, making it a much more streamlined procedure to accessibility your ride. The designated uber pick up area is many 15, Bass pro Drive, Foxborough.

Drivers generally start arriving about midway through the fourth quarter and also are parked in particular spaces. When you schedule a pickup, her driver will call you denote the precise parking room that he/she is waiting.

Getting to concerts & other events at Gillette Stadium

Getting come Gillette stadium from Boston by public transport for other events such as brand-new England revolution games is trickier and also potentially a lot much more expensive, however still a feasible option.

First, if rare, it"s constantly worth checking to watch if a "Patriot Train" equivalent will be booked by MBTA. For high-profile football matches, for example, MBTA sometimes schedules a distinct Soccer Train from southern Station/Back Bay straight to Gillette - exact same for some of the greatest concerts.

If there"s no direct train service, a fairly easy and inexpensive choice is to take it Boston"s MBTA Commuter Rail"s Franklin line from southern Station in Boston come the Walpole station, simply a few miles away. (If you"re coming from Providence, the Mansfield terminal is the closest).

From the station, you deserve to just take it an uber or a taxi to Gillette Stadium, and then ago to the terminal after the event. Uber /Lift are popular choices if you have actually the smartphone app, or you can speak to the neighborhood cab company, Foxfield Taxi - 508-543-2828.

Finally, if you"re staying at among the renowned hotels near Gillette Stadium, speak to your hotel and ask if they provide shuttle organization to Gillette because that the event.

Luxury Coach Transportation

Another choice for obtaining to games and also concerts in ~ Gillette is come reserve room on Boston usual Coach, which will certainly pick friend up at Boston usual (corner the Boylston and also Charles Streets) right before the enntrance gate to the Boston typical Garage.


Coolers for tailgating, restrooms, and also TVs v DVD football player are simply a couple of of the perks and amenities you"ll find accessible for your usage onboard.

Check Boston common Coach"s website for schedules, fares, and also reservation information.

Boston common Coach likewise offers business from Boston come Wrentham Outlets and also to Xfinity Center.

For an ext ideas for family members fun, visit our renowned things to execute in Boston overview to find fun things to carry out all year long. Because that a everyday view the what"s going on in Boston - visit our Boston events Calendar any kind of time.

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