If you are unsure of how much away 200 feet is, it’s a great idea to reference other items of comparable distance because that comparison.

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Measuring this distance is not something that is easily done v a measuring tape or ruler, therefore to help you acquire a feeling of how much 200 feet yes, really is, below are part examples.

200 feet amounts to 60.96 meter or 66.66 yards.

NHL Hockey rink

If you room a hockey fan, making use of the size of a hockey rink is a great example of how far 200 feet is. If you to be sitting at one end of the ice cream surface and looked down to the various other end, it would certainly be 200 feet away. The ice surface ar of one NHL hockey rink is 200 feet long.


Airport runway

Airport runways can vary in length and width depending upon a range of factors. Many of the larger airports that have commercial business with significant airlines will have larger runways than private airports. The size of these runways have the right to be approximately 10,000 feet in length yet if you room looking to find out how far 200 feet is, you should look at the width of these runways as countless of castle are precisely 200 feet wide.

Walking steps

Walking is another an excellent way to determine how much 200 feet is. The average person will cover 3 feet with each step. It can vary for each person. But around 70 measures will sheathe 200 feet. So by counting 70 of her own number of steps then looking at the distance extended will give you an idea that how far 200 feet is.


20 story building

Buildings are frequently used to determine heights as they are straightforward to reference. For example, a 10 story structure is about 100 feet tall and also a 20 story structure is approximately 200 feet tall. If you desire to understand how far 200 feet is, look at a 20 story building to give you an idea.

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4 Semi truck trailers

Depending on your location, the size of the trailers pulled by transport or semi-trucks room either 48 or 53 feet long. They are very common and also chances are you will check out them ~ above a everyday basis. These trailers room a good item to use for comparing length or distances. If you can picture 4 of this trailers lined up with each other in a row, they would equal close come 200 feet long. This will give you an instance of how far away 200 feet is.


2 Blue whales

Blue whales room not walk to be something you view every day, but for reference purposes, a Blue whale is roughly 100 feet long. So if girlfriend imagine 2 of these whales together, they would equal 200 feet long and also give you an idea of how far away 200 feet is.

8 Garden hoses

I prefer to use garden hoses as an example of length as most civilization are acquainted with them. Most garden hoses are obtainable in one of two people 25, 50, or 100-foot lengths. If us look in ~ the typical 25-foot garden hose, 8 that them associated together would certainly equal 200 feet long. Also, 4 that the 50-foot hoses or 2 the the 100-foot hoses would provide you an instance of how far 200 feet is.

10 Patio decks

Although patio decks can be develop to nice much any type of size, it is usual for civilization to have actually a deck that is around 16-20 feet in length. I have a 20-foot long deck and it is a decent dimension that most civilization can called to. If you have the right to imagine 20 of these patio decks put together side by side, that will provide you an idea the how far 200 feet really is.

You have the right to easily convert 200 feet right into other systems of dimensions using our digital conversion calculator here.

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How countless miles is 200 feet?

If you transform 200 feet right into miles, friend will view that the is same to 0.0378 miles.

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How plenty of feet is over there in 1 mile?

There are exactly 5280 feet in 1 mile.