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Thought I"d short article this question. Let"s speak a 12 ga. 3" mag. As they it seems ~ to it is in a common one used these days.
given"em a fighting opportunity !

if you dont arch her gun in ~ all, its about 1500 FEET.b/c we sight in our guns one year on our lane....well that year of hunting we to be walking down the lane and also found a cheese in one item with no indications of it to be a slug the missed the target and went around that far

given"em a fighting chance !
Wait a minute.... My slugs say that they drop about 8" at 100 yards. How is it possible for it come go another 1400 yards prior to it hits the ground. Is that a typo?I would think an ext like 150 - 250 yards depending upon the slug and gun.
You have to take a few more things into consideration.The terran is it flat?If you were shooting towards a hill it will impact faster 보다 shooting under a hill or on flat ground.I have actually forgotton many of the bull$hit math difficulties the military tought me. However just take the velocity speak 1300fps. 300 feet in a hundred yards.If your 6" high her 72 inchs over the ground.If that dropped 8" every 100 yards that would certainly take that 900 yards on level ground to impact.Well I recognize that that gonna slow down even an ext after 100 yrds for this reason I"m gonna guess around 700 yrds in ~ the most. Shot from the shoulder on flat ground.Now someone wake SFK up and also make him figure this one out hes the engineer
most of my ballistic training has actually been done with the 308 round.I"m simply using some of those figures and guessing I"m certain somebody out there might know much better than me..Maybe if Sarge reads this he have the right to tell yeah.I understand he has actually a bunch that knowledge concerning ballistics
A slug that goes 1500 yards?? not a opportunity in hell. I"d say the maximum range shot level at a deer would certainly be 150 -250 yards climate it would hit the dirt for sure.
hangoo,1500 yards is end 3/4 of a mile. Ns don"t know of to countless "lanes" that go 3/4 that a mile v no turns or obstructions. 1500 ft. Would sound an ext like a "lane" come me.As because that a slug shot level in ~ a deer I would certainly think no much more than 250 yards prior to it "touched down". Currently a saboted load shot from a shotgun would be different but I"d bet still no more than 500 yards if shot level at a deer.
Just checked a ballistics graph I have actually book marked and even a 7mm Rem. Mag drops between 52.9 and 58.8 inches at 500 yards. Ns can"t imagine also a saboted shotgun pack doing better than that. Rem Mag
I don"t think you could ever get a 1,300 fps cheese to walk 1,500 yards. I"ve made a death on a priarie dog in ~ 1,056 yards utilizing a .243 Ackley Improved, indigenous an elevated position. The was about all that gun had. Us were shooting a really low drag bullet made for an extremely long range shooting.
I remember analysis the side of a crate of slug I had that read use caution will take trip a mile! Accuracy, that"s another thing!
I would certainly say the a cheese shot horizontally will only travel around 300 yards if you are lucky. If you are lifting your gun to compensate for shooting at an pet it might reach 400-500, yet not much more than that. Over there is no way. Allows be realistic on reality shots.
You additionally must realize the the cheese is dropping much more in the 2nd 100 yds than it go in the an initial 100 yds. See that curve top top the side of the box? The further it travel the an ext rapidly it dropps. You dont require math because that this, simply go in the back yard and throw a ball. You deserve to see it happen.Hangoo- I"m not saying her slug didnt travel that far. I expect there room plenty of factors that could have placed it 1500 yards from wherein you shoot it. In most situations however, that slug is gonna hit the ground before 250 yards, shooting straight. Together for instead of my gun. Naaa. Its act a pretty great job because that me. But thanks for the advise.
Guys , Hangoo surely make a typo there.I can"t see a shotgun cheese going much further than 400 - 500 yds.under common shooing circumstances that is, I have the right to only check out a preferably effective variety of 150 yds tops
Accuracy wise they are getting close to the 200 garden mark, based upon the recent posts I"ve read. If I obtain ambitious, I"ll figure out specifically how much one will certainly go yet 400-500 yards sounds okay. I am wonder if this a safety concern question, climate I would say a mile. I constantly error on the side of safety.
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1 mile = 5280 feet5280 feet divided by 3 = 1760 yards in a mileso 1500 yards is .852 that one mile or darn close come 7/8 of one mile FYI
--------------------Determined no to deny future generations the methods that ns was afforded.
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